Chapter 478 - It’s More Thrilling And Fun To Sin, Would You Want To Try?

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Chapter 478: It’s More Thrilling And Fun To Sin, Would You Want To Try?

“When I was still in school, Yan Mingzhu stole one of my workbooks, written her on it, then proceed to write my name on her empty workbook instead. This made the teacher punish me. I had to stand in class for the entire period. After that…” Yan Qingsi proceeded to explain.

Mrs.Yue asked curiously. “Then what happens next?”

“After that, I smeared a thin layer of wax around her desk and the path leading to her desk. When she walked to her desk, the wax made it slippery for her. So she slipped and fell face first on the ground, causing her to lose both her front teeth.” Yan Qingsi replied with a cold chuckle.

Mrs.Yue was surprised and simply said. “Ah..”

“Don’t you think I was a little cruel?” Yan Qingsi said.

Mrs.Yue replied while shaking her head. “Nope, in fact I think you’re smart.”

Mrs.Yue was impressed by how intricate Yan Qingsi revenge plot was in her elementary school days. She could not help but to compare herself with Yan Qingsi as she was only focussed on sneaking a snack or two in class, hoping her teacher would not noticed.

Mrs.Yue’s reply made Yan Qingsi laughed. He said. “Just look at how adorable you are. After that incident, I’ve lost count on how much I’ve plotted and schemed against Yan Mingzhu. Even now, it was all my own doing that had forced her to be admitted into a mental asylum. So, what do you think? Am I just evil?”

“You were…but you were good too.” Mrs.Yue replied with a blank and dull nod to Qingsi’s question.


This was the rating Mrs.Yue had given Yan Qingsi. She was completely unaware of how horrible Yan Qingsi treated others.

However, what she knew was just how kind and gentle Yan Qingsi had treated her. She had been there for her in her most desperate times, and even in her darkest, helpless days.

Everytime Yan Qingsi was there for her, Mrs.Yue felt as if she had witnessed the presence of the messiah and her own savior. Everytime Yan Qingsi was there with her, she had hope and even more so, she felt that she was saved.

Mrs.Yue could not help herself but fantasized if only she was perhaps 20 years younger than her actual age, and had Yan Qingsi been a male, she would stop at nothing to profess her love for Yan Qingsi.

However, it was quite fortunate that her own son had chosen Yan Qingsi alone to love for an eternity. This outcome would be the best for everyone.

Mrs.Yue would do whatever it took, and everything in her power to make sure Yan Qingsi becomes part of her family.

Yan Qingsi simply winked at Mrs.Yue and said. “Aunty, it’s more thrilling and fun to sin you know?”

Mrs.Yue nodded and said. “Yep, of course I know. I felt amazing when you won every single thing in Mrs.Helan’s possession during that card game that day. They were left only with their clothes on their backs. I felt alive and awesome.”

Yan Qingsi waved her hands and replied. “Oh no, that time was nothing. You were simply spectating from the side. If you were the one to pull it off, I guarantee you will feel even more awesome that you did then.”

“What, me…I can’t…” Mrs.Yue replied.

“What do you mean you can’t? I can see your potential. Let me bring you along and we’ll have you commit your first act of sin, just for once. I assure you… It will open up a whole new world for you.” Yan Qingsi said with a huge grin on her face.

“What crimes shall we commit then?” Mrs.Yue asked.

Yan Qingsi lowered her head and whispered something in Mrs.Yue’s ear. This spark a tiny glimmer of life back to her dull lifeless eyes. Life was flickering in her eyes.

“Will this…actually…work?” Mrs.Yue asked.

Yan Qingsi smirked and said. “Of course it will. Why won’t it? I’m here with you. Just trust me alright? I will guarantee an exciting, thrilling and fun experience.”

Mrs.Yue could barely contain her excitement as her entire soul lit up with life. She simply thought to herself just how many years she had spent avoiding them, and yet these good for nothing pair of b*tches would not relent and leave her alone.

What right do they have to live such a peaceful life?

What right do they have to keep oppressing her when the fault was never hers to begin with?

After having such a lengthy conversation with Yan Qingsi and lifting such a heavy weight off her own chest by revealing her own dark past; and being enlightened by Yan Qingsi for so long, Mrs.Yue felt her life and uplifting spirit returning back to her own soul. She had never felt better.

“You know… I’d actually did something awful before as well…” Mrs.Yue nervously said to Yan Qingsi.

“What kind of awful things?” Yan Qingsi asked.

“Do you know why Yue Pengcheng and Ding Fu needed to adopt a child?” Mrs.Yue asked.

“Why?” Yan Qingsi asked curiously.

Mrs.Yue replied while squeezing her own hand. “Because the both of them were sterile…”

“Serves them right, a b*stard and a wh*re. What a fitting couple they are. What do you call their spawn? You call it an unnatural, unlawful, freak of nature. Of course they would be sterile.” Yan Qingsi furiously replied.

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