Chapter 480 - That Vermin Named Yue Needs To Know His Place, He’s Not Even Worthy Of My Time

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Chapter 480: That Vermin Named Yue Needs To Know His Place, He’s Not Even Worthy Of My Time

Mrs.Yue gave Yue Tingfeng’s ears a good twist and said. “Oh my god, I am more worried than you are. Do you have any idea just how many people were actively trying to pursue her? Just the other day, I had to put a playboy in his place. That womanizer came over to Yan Qingsi with a rose. Fortunately I was there, and I stopped him in time. If I wasn’t there, he would’ve persistent in clinging onto Qingsi everyday.”

Yue Tingfeng turned to his mother and said. “Mom…you gotta understand that I am constantly surrounded by competition. We should both work together to fight our common enemies.”

“You don’t need to state the obvious boy, your romantic enemies holds more priority over that pair of b*tches Yue Pengcheng and Ding Fu at this point.”

Yue Tingfeng felt extremely relieved when noticed when his mother was completely unfazed by the way she talked about Yue Pengcheng and Ding Fu. This was as if an enormous weight had been lifted off his chest, as his mom had finally been completely enlightened in the midst of all her mess.

Yue Tingfeng felt just how amazing and awesome of a person Yan Qingsi was. His mother was absolutely right when she called Yan Qingsi a lucky charm of her family.

Mrs.Yue grunted and said. “Qingsi has a point though. So what if they come back. What sort of chaos can they possibly cause? I am the empress of this family. The largest shareholder in the Yue’s Family Foundation. A vermin like Yue Pengcheng is not even worthy of my time, let alone you.”

After hearing his mother’s bold statement, Yue Tingfeng gave her a thumbs up and said. “Your majesty indeed. You couldn’t have said it better.”

Yan Qingsi was answering a phone call at the hallway.

“Qingsi…We have a huge problem.” Miss Mai frantically said.

“The incident earlier today…was it online?” Yan Qingsi asked.

“Yes it was, you haven’t checked your phone probably. That video of you hitting and yelling at people like mad person went viral. The folks on the internet made your outburst into a GIF, Stickers and even memes online. Just you alone became a hot topic being discussed in several news sites online…”

ViolentQingsi, #Ab*stardforaslut, #brokenvase and every creative hashtags were absolutely viral. Every viral hashtags at the moment were all about Yan Qingsi alone. Her Weibo notifications were being spammed like crazy at this point.

Yan Qingsi could only sigh as she knew and expected this act alone will absolutely go viral on the internet. She was more concerned about dragging Mrs.Yue into this mess.

“Was Mrs.Yue in any of the pictures or videos?” Yan Qingsi asked.

“Let’s not talk about that first. I will need to congratulate you. Hahah…Qingsi, it looks like you’re no longer the villain. Your short lived crisis had been averted. Your honor had been forcefully restored. As of right now, people were calling you a vigilante and a queen, you know?” Miss Mai’s frantic, worried tone earlier had completely changed to an upbeat and exciting one as she laughed through the phone.

“What happened?” Yan Qingsi asked.

“Apparently, the internet was completely pissed off by the whole mistress and man wh*re story. Now the entire internet was on your side and praising you for what you did. They were praising you for your swift deliverance of justice, the people were calling the internet’s hero. You had demonstrated a feat of courage no one else had ever seen before. This act alone gained you plenty of new followers on Weibo. The comments were worshipping you like a literal goddess.” Miss Mai explained.

Yan Qingsi was a little surprised. She asked. “Then…wouldn’t that expose Mrs.Yue to the public as well?”

“Don’t worry, who do you think your boss is? Your boss isn’t daft, he’d made sure to censor Mrs.Yue and that pair of adulterous couple’s face. His only purpose was to mend your reputation by distracting the public with a more outrageous story. His methods were clean. No one will know that person was Mrs.Yue.” Miss Mai explained.

After hearing this, Yan Qingsi let out a huge sigh of relief. She did not expect that even in this situation Yue Tingfeng would use this very opportunity to do such a huge favor for her by mending her own reputation. This thought alone made Yan Qingsi smile a little.

After Mrs.Yue’s mood had clearly improved, the three of them decided to have lunch together. As they were eating, Yan Qingsi curiously asked Yue Tingfeng. “Oh that reminds me, when exactly did this hotel belonged to you?”

Yue Tingfeng casually replied. “Since the first day you checked in.”

“Wait, what?” Yan Qingsi was shocked.

Yue Tingfeng licked his lips as he thought to himself that he was completely done for. It was as if he had revealed a deep, hidden secret.

Yan Qingsi simply placed her chopsticks down, grabbed onto Yue Tingfeng’s chin, forcing him to look her in the eye. She said. “I’m asking how on Earth do you managed to sneak onto my bed late at night without fail every time, previously. Don’t tell me that you had actually bought the hotel that I had slept in when I was shooting a scene back then right?”

“What can I say, I’m filthy rich!” Yue Tingfeng replied as he stiffened up his neck, since he could no longer keep that a secret.

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