Chapter 5 - You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man (V)

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Chapter 5: You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man (V)

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Yan Songnan was so angry that veins began to emerge from his forehead. “Yan Qingsi, you disgraceful thing…”

Yan Qingsi replied sarcastically, “Yes, I am a disgraceful thing. After all, you’re the one who created me. All those years ago if you had ejaculated on to the wall instead, we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

Yan Songnan fumed and his chest began to hurt. “I should have choked you to death back then.”

Yan Qingsi pressed her hands forcefully on the table and giggled. “That’s right, you should’ve choked me to death, just like how you killed my mother by hounding her.”

Everyone knew Yan Qingsi’s birth mother to be the mistress but no one knew the true facts. The real mistress was none other than the current Mrs. Yan.

Words go around that Yan Qingsi was the second daughter of the Yan family, but in truth, she was older than her so-called ‘elder sister’ by one year.

Yan Songnan married Yan Qingsi’s mother but when her mother was pregnant, he took a turn and began going after someone with a better social standing. Step-by-step, he pushed her away until she met her demise.

In order to cover up the heinous act, he colluded with the current Mrs. Yan, whose name was Ye Lingzhi, and deliberately changed her age so she was a year younger than her actual age. They then announced to the world that Yan Qingsi’s mother seduced Yan Songnan when Mrs. Yan was pregnant with their first child.

They also told the world that Qingsi’s mistress-mother met with an accident and passed away, prompting Mrs. Yan to take pity on the child and agree to her inclusion into the Yan family.

Thus, the whole of Luo City’s upper circle was given the impression of how kind and forgiving Mrs. Yan was since she treated her husband’s illegitimate child particularly well.

On the other hand, Yan Qingsi’s mother was the scum of the earth, a home-wrecker that not even the heavens would look at her.

However, no one knew that the Yan family had never treated her as a part of the household. Luck played a big part in her being able to survive until the present. She was treated like the lowliest of lowlifes and served as a punching bag for the family whenever they were upset. Torturing her was a way for them to relieve their stresses.

Her existence in the household was simply for the Yan family to enjoy the pleasures of humiliating her.

Yan Qingsi would always remember how her mother jumped off the building.

Years had passed since then but the hatred in her heart remained. Day by day, her resentment continued to fuel her heart to avenge, to the point where that raging fire of resentment nearly caused her to lose all sense of herself.

Yan Qingsi entered into the Yan family when she was eight-years-old. That day was a cut-off point in her life. From that point onward, she no longer experienced happiness or warmth.

Hostile emotions emanated from her eyes. Yan Songnan could not help but feel cold sweat running down his back. It was then that he realized something: the daughter he had been neglecting for years had long turned into a devil.

She had immersed herself in darkness for a long time. She had her mouth wide open, patiently waiting for the time to come for her to swallow the whole Yan family. If she had to sacrifice herself to take them down, she would do so unhesitatingly.

Yan Songnan mumbled, “You… You… want to avenge your mother?”

Only then did Yan Songnan know what Yan Qingsi was up to.

Her eyes were as red as a devil that came straight out of hell. She stared at him and said, “Ever since the day you brought me into the Yan family, you should’ve known that my return will spell doom for all of you.”

Yan Songnan was thoroughly unnerved and the only thing left of an unnerved person was bluff. He slammed his hands on the table and roared, “I’m your father. You’d be dead if I wasn’t there for you all these years. Your mother’s death has nothing to do with me. She brought it upon herself.”

Egocentrism and selfishness reached their zenith with Yan Songnan. He had no qualms about kicking away those who obstructed his path to riches and honor; he was a man who did not know the concept of guilt.

Yan Qingsi broke out in maniacal laughter. She looked at Yan Songnan with her cold eyes which sent shivers down his spine.

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