Chapter 505 - What Positions Do You Want, Anything

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Chapter 505: What Positions Do You Want, Anything

Yan Qingsi scratched her head. “No… this, this isn’t the same, you get it, after being too close to you, looking at you, sometimes I can’t…”

Yan Qingsi could not finish her sentence as Yue Tingfeng seemed like he was saying: lie, keep lying, let’s see what other stories you have.

Yan Qingsi could not continue lying anymore while looking at Yue Tingfeng’s face — she gave up.

“Okay okay okay, I admit it, I watched it, so what, we’re adults, what’s wrong with watching it? You’re talking as if you haven’t — wasn’t your computer full of these videos when you were in high school and college?”

Yue Tingfeng nodded. “Not bad, if that is the case, let’s go, there’s no need to say anything else.”

Yue Tingfeng carried Yan Qingsi and said to Mrs. Yue, “Mom, you’re sleeping alone.”

Mrs. Yue finally looked up after being called. “Oh… I…”

Yan Qingsi struggled over Yue Tingfeng’s shoulder. She shouted at Mrs. Yue, “Aunty, you can’t not save me…”

“Aunty… we’re comrades, aunty…”

Just as Mrs. Yue opened her mouth, Yue Tingfeng turned around and said, “Mom, think about it, do you want a comrade, or do you want a… grandson.”

Mrs. Yue had her mouth open — she could barely utter a word even after the door was closed behind Yue Tingfeng.

She rubbed the edge of her shirt nervously and mumbled, “It’s not bad to be comrades, but… Qingsi, I can’t do anything, it’s your fate to have a bad teammate, I… can’t help you, you… take care!”

Yue Tingfeng carried Yan Qingsi back to his room.

He threw Yan Qingsi on the bed and said, “Okay, let’s start, you can ask for whatever position you want tonight.”

Yan Qingsi got up from bed, and the cap fell off her head — her hair fell over her head messily, and she combed it.

She laughed in embarrassment and said, “Your menu is quite diversified.”

Yue Tingfeng was wearing a pyjama top. He started taking off immediately and said, “Yes, if I didn’t show you what I’m made of today, you’d really think that I’m some vegetarian monk.”

Yan Qingsi shook her head. “No, no… I’ve never thought that…”

Yue Tingfeng took off his top. “How’s my chest?”

Yan Qingsi nodded. “Good.”



Yan Qingsi watched as Yue Tingfeng was about to take his pants off. She said, “Wait, don’t do this, can we not talk calmly about anything?”

Yue Tingfeng nodded. “You’re right, what can’t we talk about in bed?”

Yan Qingsi thought to herself: F**k!

He was using her words against her again, and she was regretting it — why did she say those things in the first place?

Now, it’s great — karma was getting back at her all at once.

In the blink of an eye, Yue Tingfeng already took his pants off, and grabbed Yan Qingsi by her legs. He took off her shoes and got on top of her.

Yan Qingsi pushed his chest and said, “I said, listen to me… don’t you want to know where aunty and I were? I’ll tell you.”

Yue Tingfeng grabbed Yan Qingsi’s wrists and put them on top of her head.

He lifted his brow and smiled. “No need, I don’t want to know that now, I just want you to know that if you’re feeling empty, you don’t have to watch those things, I’m right here…”

Yan Qingsi clenched her jaw. “Stop, you can’t keep having sex once you’re disagreed with, I’m not that easy, okay?”

Mrs. Yue, “It’s okay, just wreck my son, don’t be nice to him, Qingsi, just do it!”

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