Chapter 511 - You Tell Me, Was It Enjoyable Last Night?

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Chapter 511: You Tell Me, Was It Enjoyable Last Night?

“If I were stupid, I would definitely rush to knock on their door straight away, but…beating someone up? Even if they guessed that you did it, you can’t leave any evidence behind.”

Yue Tingfeng’s face filled with contempt: “Continue, show me how smart you were.”

“I’m very smart. The hotel elevator and stairs are equipped with surveillance devices and has many people. To avoid surveillance and people going up is very difficult, so…I could only think of a way to lure them down, then ambush them at the parking lot.”

Mrs. Yue nodded rigorously and lifted both her thumbs at Yan Qingsi.

Yue Tingfeng pouted: “After that, your plan was to disguise as the police to investigate the room.”

“Of course. The one investigating will claim they received a report. That way they will think it was you or auntie trying to make life difficult for them, which will result in them checking out and leave. As for us, we just had to lie in wait, wrap them in a gunny sack and all that’s left is – beat them up. Don’t worry, I have already stuck chewing gum on the CCTV lens in the parking lot. Nobody has our footage.”

Yue Tingfeng was enraged. To have such an unpredictable girlfriend that does things on her own without communicating with him…he felt angry.

Most importantly, this time she even brought him mother along to carry out assault.

Yue Tingfeng was really worried that his mother will follow Yan Qingsi’s evil path. It was bad enough to have one woman in the house that was out of control. If there was another one, how can he have any peaceful days in the future?

“You think police officers are idiots? Any one of the things you did yesterday can be considered a crime, enough to land you in deep trouble. Yue Pengcheng already lodged a police report. Now the police are starting to investigate this matter, and they will link it over to you in no time.”

Yan Qingsi opened her arms: “Let them investigate then.”

Mrs. Yue felt that Yue Tingfeng was right, her heartbeat unsteady. “Qingsi, assault is a crime…”

Yan Qingsi nodded: “Yes, a crime!”

“Impersonating a police officer, is also a crime!”

“Yes, a crime!”

“But, if…”

“You tell me, was it fun last night?”

Mrs. Yue nodded with conviction: “Fun…”

After all these years, she never had that much fun. She even dreamt of beating up Yue Pengcheng and Ding Fu in her sleep, and laughed out loud in the middle of the night.

The grudges she had for the past decades, were all expelled in one session of beating.

Yan Qingsi clapped once: “That’s great. Goals achieved.”

Mrs. Yue was feeling uneased: “What if we were arrested?”

Yan Qingsi laughed: “If they arrest us, so be it. If they can’t find any evidence, they will still need to let us go.”

Yue Tingfeng had an urge to grab Yan Qingsi and give her a beating: “You’re that sure.”

Yan Qingsi nodded: “Of course. I had someone impersonate a police officer, but, did they put on any uniform? Did they show any documentation? Did they claim they belonged to the police? Did they rob the place? Did they assault anyone? If none of the above, how would that be considered impersonating a police officer? How is that a crime?”

“So, it was Yue Pengcheng…their guilty conscience thinking it was the police…” Yan Qingsi knew impersonating a police officer is no minor offense, so right off the bat, she told them not to mention unnecessary things and just put on a stoic face after entering.

“Even if those guys were arrested, they just have to say it was a prank, or they were family members trying to catch the adulterers but got the wrong room. What can the police do? They didn’t break the law. At most, just a stern lecture.

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