Chapter 512 - Forget About Getting A Wife In This Life

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Chapter 512: Forget About Getting A Wife In This Life

After listening to the explanation, Mrs. Yue’s eyes brightened and the way she looked at Yan Qingsi was filled with respect.

Yue Tingfeng understood from one look at his mother’s gaze, this fan of Yan Qingsi is really…

However…even if he did not want to admit it, Yan Qingsi’s IQ was quite high, just that little bit lower than his own.

Yan Qingsi’s eyebrow twitched: “Speaking of assault, who can prove that it was us? If there were no evidence, nobody can touch us. Can they claim it was us just because Yue Pengcheng says so? I’ll sue him for defamation.”

“It should have been some time since he made the police report. If the police really found evidence to make an arrest, how can we be sitting here having a proper meal?”

What was the purpose of loopholes in the law? It was for people to run through!

As long as one carefully avoids the minefield, nothing will happen.

Mrs. Yue squeaked excitedly: “That’s right…Qingsi you’re great, very very great!”

Mrs. Yue could not resist clapping her hands, applauding Yan Qingsi, but immediately shut up after receiving a glare from Yue Tingfeng.

Yue Tingfeng held his breath: “I don’t want to criticize you, but that was a little too brave. If you want to punish them, it’s fine. Those scumbags, even if you throw them into the sea is fine, but you could at least bring me along. You are both only ladies alright?”

The night before Mrs. Yue and Yan Qingsi left Yue Tingfeng out was because he was the son of Yue Pengcheng after all.

Mrs. Yue was being considerate. If the relationship between husband and wife went awry they could always go for a divorce, but blood relation between father and son, how to cut ties?

Mrs. Yue could beat that douchebag up, even straight-up murder him, but she did not want Yue Tingfeng to do it. A son hitting the father would go against the natural order of father-son relations. She was worried that it would bring Yue Tingfeng bad karma.

Yan Qingsi pouted: “I don’t see what’s wrong with being a lady. After all these years, I’m doing fine all by myself.”

Yan Qingsi really thought that it was nothing. She even felt that beating someone up under the gunny sack, such underhanded tactics, was her specialty.

Back in school, she did not miss out on pranking Yan Mingzhu.

Last night’s attempt on Yue Pengcheng and Dingfu was just a small issue. Even if Mrs. Yue was not there, she could have handled it all alone. There were no need to inform Yue Tingfeng.

Men are useful, but, for something minor that she could handle alone, there was no need to take that extra step!

Yue Tingfeng understood what Yan Qingsi was thinking. He touted angrily: “That was before. Now, I’m here. You must stand behind me.”

Yan Qingsi stole a glance at Mrs. Yue, both decided not to speak.

The doorbell rang, “Miss, time to head to the set.”

Xiao Xu’s sound drifted in.

Yan Qingsi got up: “Coming…”

“I’ll be off now, you both take your time with your food.” After a few steps, she turned around again and smiled at Mrs. Yue saying: “Auntie, no need to worry. Next time, when you feel frustrated, I’ll bring you out for some fun again.”

“Yes yes, good good, I’ll have Xiaoliu send some soup to prevent heat stroke over. I’ll visit you.”

Yan Qingsi smiled and exited the door.

After the door closed, Yue Tingfeng gave a chilling smile: “You want a next time?”

Mrs. Yue quivered, waved her hands repeatedly: “No…no more…”

“Tingfeng, son…yesterday’s incident, was because of me. Qingsi just wanted to cheer me up and console me. If the investigation on this incident turns out with anything, you have to help her.”

Yue Tingfeng put up a blank face: “If I refuse to help?”

Mrs. Yue’s face immediately changed and gave a slap on the back of Yue Tingfeng’s head: “You dare! If you don’t…don’t help her, forget about getting a wife in this life. I won’t accept.”

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