Chapter 513 - My Son Is The Complimentary Gift Of My Daughter-in-law

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Chapter 513: My Son Is The Complimentary Gift Of My Daughter-in-law

Yue Tingfeng massaged his head that was hurting from the slap, said through gritted teeth: “You’re really fully subdued by her now that you would throw your son away.”

Mrs. Yue lowered her hand: “My son is now the complimentary gift of my daughter-in-law.”

Yue Tingfeng: “…”

Mrs. Yue asked: “Where is that pair of b*tches now?”

Yue Tingfeng: “The police station.”

“They didn’t come out after the police report?”



Yue Tingfeng rubbed his nose: “The police…took them into temporary custody…”

Mrs. Yue was confused: “Taken into custody? They were both beaten up to that extent, and still taken into custody? Aren’t they the victim?”

“Unless you…did something?” Mrs. Yue, for once, was being smart.

Yue Tingfeng cleared his throat: “You can’t blame me, they…were found to be carrying illegal substances when they entered the border, and now…are under investigation.”

Mrs. Yue’s eyes popped open and after a while, patted Yue Tingfeng on the shoulders.


Back to Yue Pengcheng and Ding Fu.

This was perhaps the most terrible and unlucky moment for both of them.

It was obvious that they were the victim, but the police were claiming that illegal substances were found in their luggage, hence had to be investigated.

Especially now that they just came back from overseas, the police were suspicious of their motive of return. Otherwise, why would someone that stayed abroad for thirty years and never once returned to suddenly decide to come home?

Yue Pengcheng was having an emotional breakdown. They really did not know anything.

They were both awakened by the cold weather and hurting all over. Opening their eyes, they saw a crowd surrounding them, all aunties, busy pointing fingers at them.

Yue Pengcheng was totally stunned at that moment, oblivious to the situation. Feeling a serious chill on his body, he hugged himself and then found out that he was fully naked, followed by an immediate shock. He quickly covered his nether region, then turned around to take a look at Ding Fu.

Realizing that she was in the same boat, stark naked without an inch of covering. Additionally, a message was written on her body – Professional Mistress for Thirty Years!

Moreover, there were love bites all over her body, which turned into bruises after a while night. Yue Pengcheng immediately recalled what happened the night before. Ding Fu was repeatedly used by many men. His gaze towards her changed drastically in a flash.

Ding Fu woke up slightly later than Yue Pengcheng. She realized that she was naked and screamed, then curled up into a ball holding herself tightly and started crying.

Later, Yue Pengcheng pleaded those aunties that were there for square dancing to call the police, after which the police came by and took them away.

Yue Pengcheng’s heart was filled with rage and wanted to punish the perpetrator heavily. He must get his hands on Su Ningmei.

Unfortunately, after the police are done taking their statement, he realized that other than their claims on Su Ningmei being the perpetrator, there were not evidence. Additionally, they did not even manage to see the perpetrator’s face. They could only tell that there were a few men. How are they going to have the police do a search with that?

Later, the police found their luggage, and in those luggage they discovered illegal substances. Their focus on them switched from victim to suspects immediately.

Luckily, they were both injured and was sent to the hospital.

Lying on the hospital bed, Yue Pengcheng could only feel endless shame.

The level of shame he felt was even more severe than when he was exiled back in in the past.

Looking over at the sobbing Ding Fu on the side, Yue Pengcheng felt a strong urge to give her a slap.

She used to be so pleasant to his eyes, but now, looking at her filled him with disgust!

The image of a cuckold floated above his head, constantly reminding him. ‘Your woman was in cahoots with a group of men!’

‘Whore! You took it up with so many men last night and moaned so much, yet you’re shamelessly crying now?’


Mama Yue: Stool, pumpkin seed, ready. Time for drama~~

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