Chapter 515 - A B*tch, A B*stard

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Chapter 515: A B*tch, A B*stard

Last night’s events made Ding Fu finally understand Yue Pengcheng, the man—no, he was not even a man, he did not even deserve to grow a d*ck.

He was not even as good as a dog, and even a dog would at least fight and tear at any intruder in its territory.

And him? He retracted his head like a turtle, deserved to be a cuckold.

Last time, Ding Fu thought that the reason why Yue clan was not managed by Yue Pengcheng’s was that between her and Yue Shi, he had chosen her. She had been delighted by the idea for so many years.

But now she knew that it was not because of Yue Pengcheng had chosen to give up on Yue clan, but because of Yue clan who had abandoned him. Right at the start, Grandfather Yue would rather give up his own son, and wanted his grandson instead. It looked like there was a good reason for that, with his useless son essentially societal trash.

Ding Fu truly regretted wasting so many years of her life on such trash.

She had been counting on Yue Pengcheng stepping up to the mantle of house head after Grandfather Yue died, and now she realized how much of a fool’s dream that was.

Ding Fu could not bring herself to face Yue Pengcheng, yet she could not stir trouble with him.

After all, her finances still entirely depended on him, and she was used to the tycoon lifestyle. If Yue Pengcheng abandoned her, what did she have left?

Even though she had some of Yue Pengcheng’s wealth in her hands, it was but a drop in the ocean—how long could it sustain her for?

Especially when she returned to her country now, knowing nothing about everything, there was at least some measure of insurance if she continued to be with Yue Pengcheng as he was still Yue Tingfeng’s father, even though he was useless.

The doors to the ward abruptly flew open. Ding Mulian and Ding Jinkui rushed in, their appearances stunning Ding Fu.

Both of their faces had characters scrawled over them—one read ‘b*tch’, the other read ‘b*stard’.

Yue Pengcheng still had the image of ‘dumb cuckold’ painted on his forehead.

The paint Li Jinjin used was made out of burdock. Although it would not last forever, it was definitely hard to come off in a short span of time, so…they could only keep it on.

Ding Mulian exclaimed, “Daddy, Mommy…why are you like this?”

Ding Jinkui frowned, “What happened yesterday?”

Inspiration struck Ding Fu, and she buried her face in her palms, sobbing as though she had lost all her loved ones, “It’s nothing. Don’t ask anymore, the two of you. In the future, it doesn’t matter if Mommy is by your side or not, you have to live well, you two have to take care of each other.”

Ding Fu’s words stirred panic in Ding Mulian and Ding Jinkui; they sounded like an ominous last message.

Yue Pengcheng snorted internally. That b*tch, when it came to bartering for favors, she knew how to play to her victim’s heart. It riled him up. He wished that she would just jump from a tower!

Ding Jinkui asked, “Mom, who did this?”

Ding Fu sobbed uncontrollably as she said, “Don’t ask, please. We shouldn’t have come back, we really shouldn’t have come back, this isn’t a place we can settle in, we’re too low-born…”

Ding Mulian’s face turned red with anger. “I know, it’s that Su Ningmei! That witch. I’ll take revenge on her. What right does she have to bully others? I shouldn’t have been so nice to her yesterday. I should have given her a good beating instead. She’s so old, and she still acts like a poisonous brat, that stupid b*tch…”

Ding Fu snapped, “Mulian, you stop right there.”

Ding Mulian gritted her teeth and turned around to face Yue Pengcheng. “Daddy, why are you not saying anything when Mommy has been bullied so badly by others?”

Yue Pengcheng’s expression darkened. “You presumptuous brat, who said you could talk to me like this?” he said, tone cold. “She was beaten up. You think everything’s fine sailing for me? I didn’t feed you for you to be this ungrateful. If you don’t want to stay at home, then get out.”

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