Chapter 518 - This B*tch, An Ungrateful Brat

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Chapter 518: This B*tch, An Ungrateful Brat

After a while, Ding Jinkui said, “All right, I’ll take her. She’s an adult already, and her offenses should not be shouldered by others, and certainly not by her parents.”

Ding Jinkui’s words slightly appeased Yue Pengcheng. He felt satisfied with this adoptee.

Ding Jinkui had more brains than Ding Mulian. He knew what to say, and what not to say.

The moment Ding Mulian heard Yue Pengcheng telling her brother to take her to the police, she panicked. Her face burned and swelled, like the rising dough of a bun. But she didn’t care. She cried, “Daddy, please. Don’t, Daddy… I didn’t mean it, I was just curious. Daddy, Daddy…”

Yue Pengcheng’s features were stony. Once, he had shown her love and care in their father-daughter relationship; they had laughed and had fun together. Humans were such fickle beings, where a single moment could completely alter their perspective towards another’s.

Yue Pengcheng now hated Ding Fu with every fiber of his being, what more his adopted daughter.

In the beginning, he agreed to take them in because Ding Fu had requested it. He could not bear to see her unhappy, so he gave in.

Now, Yue Pengcheng wanted nothing more than to boot out these three who had been leeching on him for the past few decades. Before, he never felt any distress no matter how much money they spent.

Now any penny spent on them was a waste to him.

Ding Mulian saw that Yue Pengcheng was unmoved, and turned towards Ding Fu, imploring, “Mommy, Mommy… You love me the most, Mommy, you love me the most. Please… I don’t want, I don’t want… I’ll go to jail… I’m still young, I can’t go to jail.”

Ding Mulian was fine until she said ‘go to jail’. With those three words, Yue Pengcheng threw a leg out with all his might; all the fiery wrath from finding out about the affair poured out and spilled over.

B*tch… this ungrateful little brat.

“You yourself knew that you were bringing in illegal items, and you would be jailed for it. Does that mean I won’t?” If the police really assumed the culprit to be him, what would he do?

Ding Mulian slid across the floor until she hit a table. She writhed in pain, crying, “Mommy…Mommy…”

The tears that Ding Fu shed seemed almost more sorrowful than Ding Mulian’s. “Mulian, how did I raise you? Look at yourself, how can you be so disobedient?”

Ding Mulian crawled over to Ding Fu’s side, clutching onto the sleeve of her shirt. “Mommy, I was wrong, I was wrong. I was enticed by others. I just tried a little bit, I never tried the real stuff. I was wrong. Please, tell Daddy to not send me to the police. He listens most to you—whatever you say he follows, so help me tell him… I was wrong… I know I was wrong.”

Unwittingly, Ding Mulian hit a sore spot in Yue Pengcheng again. True, once he listened to everything Ding Fu. He never used his brain to filter through her words, just took everything as it is.

Now that he thought about it, he was truly a fool. How did he not see the b*tch’s true colors earlier?

If only he had kicked her out earlier, he would not have to suffer such humiliation.

Ding Fu placed a hand on Ding Mulian’s head and sighed, “Mulian, you’ve grown up already. You’re not the little princess who wipes her snot in my embrace after breaking a bowl. Mommy is old now, and I can’t protect you from everything. This isn’t a small matter. Once you’ve made a mistake you should justly receive your punishment, and you won’t lose face. So long as you change for the better, you’ll always be Mommy’s darling angel.”

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