Chapter 52 - Yue Tingfeng, Whether It’s Me Playing You or You Playing Me, Nothing’s A Given Yet!

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Chapter 52: Yue Tingfeng, Whether It’s Me Playing You or You Playing Me, Nothing’s A Given Yet!

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Yue Tingfeng said, “Go pick Yan Qingsi up tonight and get someone to tidy up my room at the Jade Orchid Pavilion.”

Jiang Lai nodded. “Understood…”

Yue Tingfeng’s hand brushed across the bite mark on his neck and he narrowed his eyes. He bore no difference to a wild animal that had honed its strength and laid in wait to ambush its prey.

On Yan Qingsi’s end, she was feeling intensely irritated. She came out of the filming studio and sat in the car. Upon seeing that Miss Mai was also there, Yan Qingsi immediately adjusted her frame of mind and asked, “Miss Mai, when did you arrive? I thought you said you had something to do?”

So be it then if Yue Tingfeng knew about what happened the night before, but there was absolutely no way she could let others know about it.

‘Murder? Heh…’

Yan Qingsi rued her lack of time, for she would have also punctured a hole into Yan Mingxiu’s motor. That way, it would not have been just an accident—it would have been an explosion too.

‘It was such a f*cking waste!’

Yan Qingsi’s eyes narrowed and she began making evaluations.

Yue Tingfeng…was but a mortal man. If she could think of a way to seduce him, to make him fall head over heels with her, to make him dread leaving her…then the secret would not stand in her way for the time being.

Besides, even if Yue Tingfeng saw her, what of it?

Where was the evidence? Was there anyone other than him who saw it?

There were no surveillance cameras there, so Yan Qingsi’s mind was set at ease.

If Yue Tingfeng ever decided to settle scores with her and lodge a police report, she could simply sue him for defamation.

Miss Mai looked at Yan Qingsi in shock. “F*ck, why do you look like you just had an affair? Did something happen?”

Yan Qingsi took out her mirror and looked at her reflection. Her lipstick was smudged and she did not clean it off properly, while her face was slightly flushed. Even her eyes had post-excitement laziness, as though she climaxed not long ago.

Yan Qingsi laughed. “Your guess is spot on. I had a situation, but it was not an affair.”

“Then? He forced himself on you?” Miss Mai reached out and tugged on Yan Qingsi’s clothes.

Yan Qingsi stopped her hand immediately. “No. He teased me, so I played hard to get and seduced him… Don’t worry, do I look like someone who’s willing to be taken advantage of?”

Miss Mai did not look happy. “Who was it? You must never get muddled up in that kind of relationship when your career hasn’t taken off yet.”

“Yue Tingfeng.”

Miss Mai’s expression changed with lightning-quick speed. “So, have you managed to seduce him?”

Yan Qingsi shot back with a flirty look in her eyes. “What do you think? If I fancy a man willingly, do you think that I will give him the ability to escape my control?”

A huge grin formed on Miss Mai’s face. “You go, girl. Xiao Xu, start driving.”

Yan Qingsi took out the cellphone and searched the contacts. As expected, Yue Tingfeng’s phone number was there. “He wants to hook up with me tonight, but I don’t intend to go.”

“And why is that? It’s such a good opportunity to seduce him. Are you that willing to let it slip by?”

Yan Qingsi switched off the cellphone and remarked mockingly, “I’ve got a long-term plan. Men are all trash. If they get what they want so easily, will they still enjoy the taste? It’s just like how hunger marketing is used to sell stuff. I’m going to let him starve before I do anything.”

Miss Mai placed a hand on Yan Qingsi’s shoulder. “Damn girl, I’m lucky that I don’t have a man right now. Otherwise, he’d have cheated on me because a seductress like you is always around me.”

Yan Qingsi relaxed her shoulders and pouted. “To tell you the truth, even if you have a man, he might not necessarily suit my taste.”

“F*ck off…”

“I’ll take a short nap.”

Yan Qingsi closed her eyes and cackled deep down.

‘I won’t rush things with you, Yue Tingfeng. We have long days ahead of us!

‘Whether it’s me playing you or you playing me, nothing’s a given yet!’


You tricking me, me tricking you, and when we’ve finished tricking each other, we’ll dig a hole and bury someone else!

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