Chapter 520 - The Person I Love the Most Is Still You

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Chapter 520: The Person I Love the Most Is Still You

Ding Fu’s heart shivered. This was the first thing Yue Pengcheng had said to her since the time at the fountain.

This sentence was heartbreaking to say the least.

He was in pain, and she felt good!

Ding Fu learned something more frightening than being a disappointment from that statement — Yue Pengcheng no longer only felt anger towards her… it was disgust as well.

Ding Fu felt like her effort for the past three decades was ruined by last night.

She had to make Yue Pengcheng believe that nothing that happened last night was real, and that she was still clean — she only had him in her heart.

Ding Fu looked shocked, widened her eyes, and stared at Yue Pengcheng.

Ding Fu was heartbroken and started crying. “Pengcheng… you… how could you say that, I’ve been by your side for so long, I sleep in the same bed as you do, I admire you as if you were a god, and I’ve been handling your clothes, food, and hygiene — where did I go wrong? Don’t you know what kind of person I am?”

Ding Fu had done her best for Yue Pengcheng in the past three decades, but at this moment, Yue Pengcheng got angrier thinking about the past.

“Hmph, I did not know what kind of person you truly are back then, now I realize that you’re a wild woman, and a vile one whose promiscuity can be detected from ten miles away.”

Ding Fu’s face turned pale — those words that came out of Yue Pengcheng’s mouth sent chills down her back.

Even if it was a dog, one would feel something for it after so many years — but Yue Pengcheng had put those years aside just because of what happened last night. How shameless and cold could this man be?

If it happened to any normal person — even if his woman was violated, wouldn’t he first be angry at the harassers?

This was not the case for Yue Pengcheng. He bullied the weak and feared the strong ones — he was useless. It was no wonder that Su Ningmei did not want this man at all.

Ding Fu was jealous of Su Ningmei. She had come to this realization way back when — she was lucky.

Ding Fu held her chest and cried silently — her expression was capable of breaking anyone’s heart.

“Pengcheng… are you trying to accuse me to death? If I really was violated, I would’ve killed myself, I would not be shameless enough to live to this point in time, those men did not touch me at all last night, they only injured me to make people think that I was… was… violated.”

Yue Pengcheng scoffed. “Do you think I’m stupid? Do you think I’ll believe that? You were screaming so loudly last night — did you think that I was deaf?”

Ding Fu fell off the bed and onto the ground — she hugged Yue Pengcheng’s calf and cried. “I really didn’t, if I was that sort of woman, I would’ve been long gone by now with your money, how could I have stayed this long with you? What kind of woman would be willing to be a mistress, who wouldn’t want a real family — but have I ever begged you for anything?”

Ding Fu’s words reminded Yue Pengcheng of the fact that he had some money left with Ding Fu.

No, he could not have his money managed by this vile woman, he had to think of something to get it back — he had to comfort her for now.

Otherwise, what could he do when she runs away with his money?

Yue Pengcheng’s face changed. “Sorry, I was being too angry, I’m sorry, Little Fu, don’t worry, no matter what you become, the person I love the most is still you.”

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