Chapter 521 - Don't Wait till He Finishes You, End Him First

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Chapter 521: Don’t Wait till He Finishes You, End Him First

Yue Pengcheng never felt any pressure saying things like this in the past — he could say them without thinking twice.

Right now, it disgusted him.

Ding Fu squeezed her eyes together — why did Yue Pengcheng change his attitude all of a sudden? It was too quick. She did not think much of it though; she looked at him thankfully and said, “Pengcheng, thank you, thank you for believing me.”

Yue Pengcheng bent his knees and hugged Ding Fu. “None of us wished for what happened last night, it was a nightmare, let’s not talk about it anymore, no matter what happens, you’ll always be as pure as the woman I met thirty years ago.”

Ding Fu clenched her jaw. This trash man, Yue Pengcheng, was just thinking that she was already used by other men, but he was intentionally calling her “pure” at this moment — how badly did he want her to feel disgusted?

This trash of a man, wait and see, when she gets all his money, when she gets back up, she will kick him out — f**k off, I will not serve you anymore.

The only thing on Yue Pengcheng’s mind at the moment was, when I get my money back, you can go beg for food wherever you want.

Ding Fu was emotional. She teared up and shouted lovingly, “Pengcheng…”

Yue Pengcheng seemed soft. “Little Fu.”

At the studio, Yan Qingsi was shooting a scene when she realized something was wrong with Ji Mianmian. While she was getting her make-up touched up, Ji Mianmian brushed powder onto her lips.

While she was on break, Yan Qingsi asked, “What’s going on, Mianmian? Did you not sleep well? Why don’t you go home and rest, Little Xu will be fine on his own here.”

Little Xu said, “Yes, it’ll be fine with me here, go home and rest, the circles under your eyes are dark.”

Ji Mianmian shook her head. “No… it’s better if I stay by your side, Sister.”

She felt safer if she was with her goddess. She would start feeling afraid again if she went home.

Whenever Ji Mianmian shut her eyes, she would be woken up soon after by Ye Shaoguang’s face in her dreams — she did not dare to shut her eyes at all.

When the sky turned bright, she started refreshing news sites to see if there were any news about a dead body.

Thankfully, there were none — but Ye Pengcheng and Ding Fu made headlines. Although their faces and body parts were pixelated, but the words on their bodies were written by Ji Mianmian. It was obvious at first sight.

“Little Xu, ask the assistant director how long am I going to have to wait for the next scene.” Yan Qingsi realized that something was wrong with Ji Mianmian, and she intentionally dismissed Little Xu.

After Little Xu was gone, Yan Qingsi asked, “Mianmian, what happened?”

Ji Mianmian cried. “Sister… I think I might be arrested soon.”


“When I went to dump those two last night, I was caught by that ladyboy, he wanted to call the police.”

“Ladyboy? Who?”

Ji Mianmian made a gesture and said, “The man I threw over my shoulder, he was following me, he said he has evidence against us, I stole his phone, but what if he still has it?”

Yan Qingsi’s heart dropped — s**t, it was Ye Shaoguang. Just as she wanted to speak, Ji Mianmian’s phone rang.

Ji Mianmian got scared after hearing the ringtone. She shivered as she pulled out her phone — it was a video. It was a video of them beating people up last night.

Ji Mianmian started crying in fear. “Sister… you… see, it must be from the ladyboy, he won’t let me off, what should we do? I nearly slammed him to death last night.”

Yan Qingsi squeezed her eyes together. She saw the video and said decidedly, “What is there to be scared of? Don’t wait till he finishes you, you should end him first.”

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