Chapter 524 - You're Welcome to Sleep with Me Anytime

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Chapter 524: You’re Welcome to Sleep with Me Anytime

Yan Qingsi held her head up high and straightened her back as she approached Yue Tingfeng.

Yue Tingfeng looked at her coldly. “Have you thought of an excuse yet?”

Yan Qingsi shook her head. “Not yet.”

Yue Tingfeng laughed. “You haven’t, and you dare to approach me? Quite a sense of courage you’ve got there.”

“But, I know what to do.”

Yue Tingfeng could not help but laugh. “Tell me, what are you planning to do?”

Yan Qingsi’s face froze. She looked around in all seriousness, and spotted Yue Tingfeng’s car – she grabbed him by his arm and dragged him in that direction.

Yue Tingfeng was shocked. “What are you doing?”

“You’ll know it in a bit.” Yan Qingsi dragged Yue Tingfeng harder, and sped up her steps.

She opened the door, pushed Yue Tingfeng into it, and got in herself.

Yue Tingfeng was confused. “Where do you want to go?”

“We’re not going anywhere, we’re staying here.” Yan Qingsi sat on Yue Tingfeng’s lap.

Yan Qingsi pushed her hair back and looked down into Yue Tingfeng’s eyes – her serious face had a flirtatious look to it. “I can’t think of any reason to convince you, so I will sleep with you instead.”


Before Yue Tingfeng could finish his sentence, he was kissed – Yan Qingsi pressed on his hands to stop him from moving. Her hair fell over his neck – it was ticklish.

Yan Qingsi’s kiss was extra intense today. The temperature in the car rose, and Yue Tingfeng felt like he was going to get a heatstroke – he felt dizzy, and it was as if he was floating.

Yue Tingfeng thought to himself, this method works great, Yan Qingsi should keep making more mistakes, he can continue getting lucky then.

However… the car was getting too hot. With the high heat, the engine and air-conditioner turned off, the car was basically as hot as a sauna.

On top of that, his body temperature was rising after being kissed intensely by Yan Qingsi – his body was already drenched in sweat.

It felt as if smoke was coming out of his body – the car windows had water vapor all over them.

If he allowed the situation to continue, something bad would happen – Yue Tingfeng pushed Yan Qingsi down with his last bit of logic.

Both their bodies were hot – it was as if they were two buns being steamed in an oven.

Yan Qingsi’s cheeks were read, and her eyes were watery – her lips were glittering, and she looked taunting and beautiful.

Yue Tingfeng gulped. “You’ve done a decent job this time, I prefer sleeping with you rather than being convinced with words.” He spread his arms and added, “You’re welcome to sleep with me anytime.”

Yan Qingsi grazed her finger across Yue Tingfeng’s chin. “Wait.”

She reached for Yue Tingfeng’s top to strip it off his body.

Yue Tingfeng’s lips could not help but curve upwards. Sweat fell off his face onto Yan Qingsi’s neck. “But… should we turn the air-conditioner on right now? Don’t you feel hot?”

Yan Qingsi’s hand paused. “Is it?” She blinked. “I thought it was because I was too passionate.”

All she was thinking about was how to have a quickie with Yue Tingfeng – she did not pay attention to the temperature at all. Yue Tingfeng’s words reminded her that the temperature was in fact too high.

Yue Tingfeng held Yan Qingsi’s face and kissed it. “This temperature is nothing compared to how passionate you’re being.”

Yue Tingfeng thought Yan Qingsi was too adorable at this moment. He did not mind being steamed like a bun at this point.

Yue Tingfeng turned on the air-conditioner, and the temperature decreased.

Yan Qingsi tugged on Yue Tingfeng’s top and said, “Quick…”

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