Chapter 526 - Be Good, Sister Will Fill You up When We Go Back

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Chapter 526: Be Good, Sister Will Fill You up When We Go Back

Yue Tingfeng rolled up his sleeves, and his muscular arm could be seen — his attractive veins popped out from that arm.

“I’m rich, that’s why I’m immature, I’m good looking, that’s why I’m immature, why do you care, you have none of the advantages I have, just tell me… what evil thing are you about to do? You’re not getting out of the car for as long as you don’t tell me.”

Ji Mianmian continued to knock on the car window outside. The whole crew was waiting for her — if she continued to stay, she would piss off the director.

What would come after that are headlines that claim that Yan Qingsi had an attitude of a diva.

Yan Qingsi was getting anxious as well. She was serious about her job — she was nearly done with her part on this show.

The final scenes were really important — if she did them well, it would be outstanding. She had to work harder.

Yan Qingsi touched Yue Tingfeng’s arrogant face and said, “I’m a superficial person, and I am into your face and money, be good, don’t throw tantrums, after Sister finishes her job, she will come back and fill you up, how does that sound?”

When faced with Yan Qingsi’s “Baby, I’m spoiling you” face, Yue Tingfeng lost his resistance. He pushed Yan Qingsi’s hand away and said, “Are you sure you’re not going to tell me?”

Yan Qingsi leaned forward and landed on Yue Tingfeng’s body. “I don’t have anything to say, what do you want me to say? Rather than being curious, why don’t you think about the position we can do tonight.”

Yue Tingfeng blushed — he felt that he was shameless enough, and no one could top him. However, sometimes… when he’s in front of Yan Qingsi, he felt like a primary school kid.

Yan Qingsi pinched Yue Tingfeng’s face. “Baby, don’t be shy, open the door, let Sister get out.”

Yue Tingfeng was annoyed. He opened his mouth and gritted his teeth. “Fine, you don’t have to tell me.” He was going to follow her wherever she went tonight anyway.

The door was finally unlocked, and Yan Qingsi opened it. Just as the door was opened a little, Ji Mianmian pulled it wide from outside. “Sister, sister, be quick, the director is calling.”

Yan Qingsi fixed her hair. “Don’t rush me…”

After fixing her hair, she glared at a cold faced Yue Tingfeng, pulled him over, lifted his chin, and kissed him.

Ji Mianmian covered her mouth. Wow, my goddess looked this domineering even while kissing someone — so cool, so cool!

After letting go of Yue Tingfeng, she wiped his lips with her thumb and said, “Wait.”

Yan Qingsi got out of the car and saw someone taking photos of her from a car parked not far off from where she was. She turned around and made a ‘V’ sign with her hand while facing the camera.

Ever since the video of her shouting at and beating up a person went viral, she realized that there were more cameras around her. If she was not cautious enough, even a tiny move or gesture would be caught on camera — she was getting stalked by paparazzi and members of the public.

Yan Qingsi’s popularity never decreased — fans had been calling her Queen Yan Qingsi and a heroine. A few loyal fans started rebutting rumors about her online to save her image.

In general, the name Yan Qingsi no longer got people in trouble for defending her.

A few famous accounts, who had been criticizing Yan Qingsi, said that: A righteous and courageous actress is worthy to be a fan of! Her fans did not follow the wrong celebrity.

Yan Qingsi walked quickly to the studio. The director criticized her a little, and got her to fix her makeup and take a break.

A lot of people had witnessed Yan Qingsi pulling Yue Tingfeng into the car, no one knew what they were doing inside, but Yan Qingsi’s makeup became messy, messy, messy…

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