Chapter 527 - Give Him a Kiss and Sleep with Him, It'll Work

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Chapter 527: Give Him a Kiss and Sleep with Him, It’ll Work

Her hair was messy!

Her top was crumpled!

Everyone’s first thoughts were sexual scenes — even Song Qingyan could not help but look at Yan Qingsi that way. His gaze seemed complicated with a hint of despisal.

Ji Mianmian was fixing Yan Qingsi’s makeup when she asked, “Sister, you’re so good, Chief Yue is no longer angry, is he?”

Yan Qingsi looked down to let Ji Mianmian touch up her forehead. She said, “Don’t you know who I am?”

Ji Mianmian licked her lips and asked curiously, “But… you didn’t… sleep with him, did you? That was a short period of time.”

“You don’t have to waste time or saliva with men like this. Just kiss him to shut him up, make him blur with the kiss, and you’ll get your way.”

Ji Mianmian’s eyes sparkled — she was a huge fan. She said excitedly, “Idol… please accept my admiration.”

Yan Qingsi looked at Ji Mianmian’s innocent face and pinched her on her cheeks. She said, “When you get a boyfriend, don’t show a guilty face if you ever do something wrong. You don’t have to explain yourself — just kiss him. It’s simple and effective.”

Ji Mianmian blinked. “Really?”

“Definitely. Kiss him, sleep with him, it’ll work.”

Yan Qingsi tidied herself and went into the shoot. Ji Mianmian pulled out a notebook to jot down her goddess’ quote.

This scene was about Yan Qingsi and Song Qingyan leaving each other. The mood was solemn, and the duo held hands as they walked along the familiar streets. Pedestrians rushed past them, and the duo was the only people who were quiet.

It was as if there was no end to the street — just like how it was in modern times. Their future and fates were all a blur, and there was no hope.

After the scene ended, Yan Qingsi and Song Qingyan let go of each other. The weather was hot, and both their palms were sweating.

Before the assistants ran over, Song Qingyan hesitated before saying, “Although I have never objected actresses using their own tactics to get what they want, but you don’t have to do those things — you can be successful based on your own talent. Since you could be a little cleaner, why would you live such a…”

Song Qingyan hesitated and did not finish his sentence.

Yan Qingsi did not expect that Song Qingyan, who was used to keeping to himself and doing his own thing, would say such a thing.

She laughed. “Dirty, you mean? You’re not the first one who told me this, and you will not be the last. Thanks for your concern, but… I won’t take your advice.”

“Everyone has their own way to live life, being nonchalant and keeping to myself isn’t my kind of style. I can’t live like that… I do have talent, but it’s not enough to decide everything.”

Yan Qingsi paused and said, “Moreover, what you saw might not be what you think it is, take just now for example, I was just having a small quarrel with my boyfriend, and I was in the car to comfort him and kissed him a little, that was it. But to many people, I did the whole package.”

Song Qingyan looked at Yan Qingsi in shock. She actually admitted to having a boyfriend,

Yan Qingsi said, “Oh yes, I have a boyfriend, Qin Jingzhi knows him as well.”

Yan Qingsi laughed at herself. “I don’t know… maybe it’s how you guys perceive me, whenever I am close with a man, it means I’m being promiscuous, maybe none of you have ever thought that I could be in a relationship for real.”

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