Chapter 54 - The Game of Conquest Was Just About to Begin!

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Chapter 54: The Game of Conquest Was Just About to Begin!

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Miss Mai looked at her with some disdain. “Save it! I still have no idea whether that’s all just big talk coming from you. Maybe you’re actually light years apart from those other female actresses who quietly sleep with the entire crew. If that Jin Xuechu really wants to go after you, just lead him on. Wait until you’ve finished shooting the music video before you kick him away.”

Yan Qingsi felt a warmth in her heart. She nodded and replied, “Yes, I know.”

She was truly exhausted by the time she reached her rental home. Even switching on the lights felt like too much work for her.

She kicked off her shoes, nestled herself on the sofa, then took out her cellphone from her bag, placing it somewhere on the coffee table.

Yue Tingfeng was more than eager to sleep with her, but she would definitely not let him have his way that easily. What was the value of investing in a low-cost web series? She had yet to extract more benefits from him.

Yan Qingsi was not an easy lay.

Tired to the core, a myriad of thoughts floated around in her muddled head—the faces of everyone in the Yan family, her mother’s last look, and the movie that Luo Jinchuan snatched away from her…

There was still plenty of things she had to do!

Jiang Lai dawdled outside for a long time. He was much too afraid to go in. The room door was not tightly shut, so the light from within leaked out through the crack.

The Jade Orchid Pavilion’s manager urged him. “Special Assistant Jiang, just go in. Simply standing out here isn’t going to do you much good either.”

Jiang Lai placed his palms on the wall. “You don’t understand.”

His big boss had tasked him with fetching someone but in the end…not only had he failed to fetch her over, but he also did not even catch a single glimpse of her. How could he be expected to report his mission?

The manager patted him on the shoulder. “Either way, you’re dead.”

Jiang Lai placed his palm onto his forehead—he wanted to face the wrath a little later rather than sooner.

“If you don’t get your a*s in here anytime soon, you’ll be joining Wu Fang.”

Yue Tingfeng’s voice rang from inside the room, and in a split second, Jiang Lai pushed the door open and walked in. The speed with which he did so courted stares.

Jiang Lai looked at Yue Tingfeng—who was holding a glass of wine—and gulped. Afraid to continue looking at him, he gazed down and said, “CEO Yue, I couldn’t fetch Yan Qingsi. I’m sorry.”

Yue Tingfeng was truly unlike anyone else. He was a radiant person no matter where he was. He could simply sit there if he did not speak, looking exactly like the most exquisite, eye-catching picture scroll.

Jiang Lai, however, was the only one who knew of the peril lying in wait alongside that magnificence.

Barely a few seconds had passed, but Jiang Lai’s forehead was dripping with sweat.

Yue Tingfeng remained silent and his expression was equally as unwavering. Gently, his hand began rocking the wine glass. He was in the midst of sampling some wine, and the drink’s red luster was like the finest of rubies, amplifying the fair elegance of his slender fingers.

The room was decorated incredibly meticulously. It was luxurious and extravagant, yet romantic and suggestive. With not a single speck of dust in sight, the room was a perfect place to meet up and get in the mood.

Yue Tingfeng’s expression turned indolent, with not the slightest hint of danger. “Heh, it’s no exception it seems.”

Jiang Lai heard him and asked with caution, “You…knew that she couldn’t be fetched?”

Yue Tingfeng took a sip of his red wine. “It’s nothing more than her plan to seduce me. Well, if she’s that eager to play, I might as well join her.”

Yan Qingsi was not someone who would just follow his orders obediently.

Jiang Lai breathed a sigh of relief, but mentioned, “CEO Yue, Yan Songnan wants to conduct a private investigation into Yan Mingxiu’s accident.”

“He has too much time on his hands. Give his company some trouble.”


Yue Tingfeng placed the wine glass down, took his jacket, and walked out.

“Don’t do anything to the layout of this room. Make sure to clean it every single day.”

He would need to use that room sooner or later.

An unbridled ruthlessness flashed across Yue Tingfeng’s eyes. He insisted on bedding Yan Qingsi in that very room, or else it would not have been worth all the effort she put into toying with him.

Yan Qingsi, that woman, was thoroughly successful in igniting his desire to conquer her.

The game was just about to begin!

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