Chapter 55 - Let’s Not Hookup, King Jin

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Chapter 55: Let’s Not Hookup, King Jin

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During that time, the soundly sleeping Yan Qingsi felt a chill.

Yan Qingsi had no idea what time she fell asleep, or for how long. She was roused from her slumber because of some noise on her balcony—someone was throwing empty drink cans at her window, causing an incessant clamor.

She rubbed her eyes, stood up, then walked out the door.

Her gaze was directed to the next-door balcony. A man was standing there. “Yo, you’re there?”

The wind at night was cold during early spring. She shivered after being blown by the breeze, and once her drowsiness dissipated, she said, “What’s up? You wanna let me watch a live show again today and ask me to rate your performance?”

Jin Xuechu twitched his lips. “Tch. You talk with no holds barred.”

Yan Qingsi stretched her waist lazily. “You talk as if you do.”

“You have anything going on tomorrow?”

Yan Qingsi retorted coldly, “I’m a small fry actress. Do you think I have something to do?”

“Then follow me tomorrow morning to shoot the MV.”

“Sure, but have you discussed the pricing with Miss Mai?”

Jin Xuechu smiled. “If you make a good evaluation of my hip strength, I’ll make sure to pay you handsomely.”

Yan Qingsi smiled, and it was one of those rare occasions where her mood was feeling relaxed.

She turned and looked at Jin Xuechu. The darkness obscured his face and made her feel like she was in a dream. She was barely two meters apart from the glittering superstar, and he was uttering all sorts of inappropriate things. It was a stunning contrast to his on-stage persona.

Yan Qingsi asked, “Why are you staying here when you’re so rich?”

“Is it a hindrance to you?”


“The night’s still young. Since you can’t sleep, why not invite me to your place?”

Yan Qingsi turned around and leaned herself on the railing. She supported her chin in her arm and looked at Jin Xuechu. “Are you inviting me for a hookup?”

Her face seemed to glow even in the dead of night. Her eyes were sparkling, like that of a fox, and when Jin Xuechu met her gaze, he felt a tingling in his heart.

He asked, “So…are you inviting me?”

Yan Qingsi replied, “Rather than hurting the same kind, I’d prefer to hurt someone else.”

Jin Xuechu stared blankly for a moment, after which he burst into laughter all of a sudden.

“I especially enjoy people with a temper like you. When I first saw you on the balcony yesterday, I knew we were alike. If we can’t hook up, then maybe you’d be down for some drinks?”

“Of course.”

Jin Xuechu went back in to grab a couple of cans of beer. He threw one over to Yan Qingsi.

Jin Xuechu then said to Yan Qingsi, somewhat jokingly, “Why do you need to go through so much trouble actually? It’ll be easier if you and I had a sex scandal.”

Yan Qingsi nodded earnestly. “You’re right. I’ll get famous instantly if the media knew I was involved with you. But why would you help me?”

Someone whom she had met only once?

Why would he help her?

No respectable superstar would want their name to make the headlines, especially not someone like Jin Xuechu.

If a pie would fall from the sky, it would never come without its consequences.

Jin Xuechu took a sip of beer and smiled. “Cause I wanna bed you.”

Yan Qingsi kept quiet and looked silently at him.

Jin Xuechu laughed by himself. “I’m kidding. Did you really take it seriously? Those who really wanna sleep with me have to be a first-rank celebrity. Look at yourself, you’re not even close to being the e ighteenth-rank 1 .”

Yan Qingsi smiled and did not take it to heart. She was extremely tired that night, and after chatting with Jin Xuechu for two or three hours, her tiredness got the better of her. A couple of continuous yawns led her to go back into her room to sleep, leaving Jin Xuechu all by himself.

All alone on the balcony, Jin Xuechu smoked three cigarettes in a row. He laughed at himself, for at that day and age, he found it incredulous that there existed a woman who did not view him as a goldmine.

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