Chapter 553 - On What Basis Must I Forgive All of You?

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Chapter 553: On What Basis Must I Forgive All of You?

Right now, it seemed like everyone was out here blaming her for dragging others down.

Where did she go wrong?

Was it wrong for her to avenge her mother’s death?

Was it wrong for her to defend herself against bullies?

Should she allowed people to continue bullying her — not defend herself nor complain about it, and never say no to this world? Would that be right?

Why not blame the people who had hurt her? Everyone was out here blaming her instead.

Yan Qingsi hated this world — she hated people who were pretending to be righteous and judging her.

She did not need anyone to teach her what to do. She did not need the worthless suggestions.

She just wanted to ask ‘on what basis must I forgive all of you?’

Ever since Su Xiaosan told Yan Qingsi those things, then Ye Shaoguang, and now these people — Yan Qingsi could no longer hold her emotions in.

Yan Qingsi grabbed that actress and dragged her across the floor — she pressed her head down onto the food on the floor.

The actress screamed as her face was smeared with gravy. “Help… help, this crazy woman…”

“When I ask you to eat, you have to eat… didn’t you like talking behind people’s backs? I’ll let you eat more, and talk all you want.”

Yan Qingsi grabbed a piece of vegetable and shoved it into her mouth.

Everyone else shouted. “Crazy woman, crazy woman, call the police, call the director…”

Ji Mianmian came in to find Yan Qingsi shoving food into that woman’s mouth. That woman’s face changed — she could no longer fit anything in her mouth.

Ji Mianmian freaked out. “Sister Qingsi… let her go… if you want to beat her up, I’ll do it…”

Just as Ji Mianmian finished her sentence, the director came over with a few others.

They witnessed Yan Qingsi opened a bottle of water and shoved it into that actress’s mouth. “Your mouth is too filthy, you should wash it well.”

The cruelty of Yan Qingsi’s face and actions sent chills down the men’s back.

Yan Qingsi’s brutality was rare – it was as if she was an emotionless, cold-blooded, cruel, and numb machine.

The director shouted in shock, “Yan Qingsi, what do you think you’re doing? You’re going overboard… let her go now.”

It was as if Yan Qingsi did not hear him at all. She continued shoving the water bottle into her mouth – water, along with food, flowed out of that actress’s mouth and down her neck. Her top was wet and her face was turning blue. It was a frightening sight.

The director realized that something bad might happen if this continues. He shouted at people next to him, “Go, pull her away.”

The crew members who were standing by the director hesitated before going over.

Ji Mianmian stood in front of Yan Qingsi. “Don’t come over, otherwise, I’ll stop playing nice.”

The people did not care but what happened next was Ji Mianmian slamming them down on the floor.

Yan Qingsi’s ignorance towards the director was as if she was challenging his authority in front of the crew. He was so mad – he had already disliked Yan Qingsi before this, and that feeling grew stronger at the moment.

He forgot that Yan Qingsi was backed by the Yue family. He shouted, “Yan Qingsi, you’re not supposed to do whatever you like in the studio. If you don’t want to shoot, scram, there are tons of people who would do it. You get out of my studio right now.”

Yan Qingsi did not move until she finished pouring water into the woman’s mouth. She threw the empty bottle away and pushed the actress off before standing up.

Ji Mianmian pulled out a few sheets of tissue for her. “Sister…”

Yan Qingsi dried her fingers slowly as the brutality on her face gradually turned into calm.

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