Chapter 554 - My Daughter-In-Law Is Great

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Chapter 554: My Daughter-In-Law Is Great

Yan Qingsi was extremely calm. It was as if the rage she was just feeling a moment ago was just an illusion — as if it was not real at all.

If it was not for the actress who was coughing on the floor, everyone would have thought that this was just a prank.

However, the calmer Yan Qingsi right now, the more people feared her.

“Yan Qingsi, I am telling you now that our crew has officially terminated your contract. From today onwards, I will never cast you in any of my movies again.”

Director Guo was too angry to realize that the assistant director was trying to hint him from the side.

Could they afford to offend the people who were backing Yan Qingsi?

Yan Qingsi cleaned her hands, threw the tissue away, and looked up at the director. “I’d like to see you try. If you dare to kick me out of this movie, I will make sure that this movie will never make it to the big screen.”

“You… you…” The director was at a loss for words.

He had quite a reputation in the circle of directors and had a certain standing as well. If Yan Qingsi wasn’t backed by anyone, his call to ban Yan Qingsi from the circle would have been echoed.

However, Yan Qingsi was backed by powerful men.

One of them was the son of the Yue Family while the other was Mr. Ye and neither of them should be provoked.

The director regretted his rage and he became the embarrassed one in the conversation.

“Also, don’t you dare cut my scenes if you still want to hang around in the directors’ circle! I’ll leave you with this — the fish that nibbles at every bait will eventually be caught.”

The director’s expression changed — but it was impossible to know what he was thinking about.

Yan Qingsi looked over at Ji Mianmian — she quickly packed Yan Qingsi’s bag and left the powder room.

The assistant director tried to make amends. “Qingsi… don’t be angry, you still have scenes to shoot today.”

Yan Qingsi put on her shades and said nonchalantly, “I’m unhappy today, I’m not going to shoot.”

Yan Qingsi thought to herself, she had always been polite since the moment she entered the crew. No matter how horrible the scenes could get, she never complained once, but today… she wanted to play diva. She could not stand it anymore.

Yan Qingsi left with Ji Mianmian, and the group of people looked at each other in embarrassment.

Song Qingyan was watching from the side. He realized that Yan Qingsi dared to do such a thing and it was not because of the people who backed her — it was because she didn’t care.

She did not care how long she could survive in this circle. She did not care about her reputation, she did not even care about herself.

How hopeless must she have felt to turn into this state!

Mrs. Yue was bored while lying in bed at the hospital. She felt a lot better after resting for two days, and she complained, “Aiya, why hasn’t my Qingsi come and pay me a visit?”

Yue Tingfeng froze. He had been spending time taking care of Mrs. Yue at the hospital and did not check up on Yan Qingsi — he thought Yan Qingsi would appear eventually, but she did not.

Yue Tingfeng was worried that something might have happened to Yan Qingsi, but he comforted Mrs. Yue saying, “I’m the one who didn’t let her come over. You were injured because of her, and she’s blaming herself– I was worried that she would be more depressed if she comes and visit you at the hospital.”

Just as Mrs. Yue wanted to reply, the door opened — an old couple, with full white hair, entered the room. They saw Mrs. Yue and they greeted, “Meimei.”

Mrs. Yue was shocked. “Mom, Dad, why are you here? You’re both too old.”

Grandmother Su was about to tear up. “You’ve had such a horrible injury, how could we not come and see you?”

Mrs. Yue waved her hands. “I’m okay, it’s just a small injury, but you came at the right time, you should see my daughter-in-law, she’s great!”

Mother Yue, “Amway is the auspicious lucky charm of my home 24 hours of a day!”

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