Chapter 555 - You'll like Her as Much as I Do

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Chapter 555: You’ll like Her as Much as I Do

Mrs. Yue’s face looked pale due to the huge loss of blood — but her eyes were still bright.

When she was speaking to the Su family elders, she did not hold back at all — it was as if she was still an unmarried girl. She lifted her chin, and the pride she felt, showed all over her face.

To Mrs. Yue, she only liked the best.

While her son did not have many good traits but he was still her son anyway — of course, he was the best. Meanwhile, Qingsi was already incredible on top of her many advantages — she was even better.

The Su family elders’ eyes turned red. They looked at each other — there was worry in their eyes.

They knew their daughter better than anyone else — she was naive as she was spoilt too much at home. Although she suffered from a failed marriage, her genuine heart never changed — they had never met Yan Qingsi and they were worried that their daughter was being conceited.

Judging from the fact that their daughter was willing to take a stab for that woman, she must be a manipulative woman.

The elders thought that a manipulative and complicated person was no good for Yue Tingfeng.

If whatever she had been doing was to marry into the Yue family, then when her true colors come out after — their daughter would be unable to recover from that.

The elders’ worries were not misplaced — Mrs. Yue was their only daughter. They loved and felt indebted to this daughter more than anything else.

Her marriage was a mistake on their part — they did not see the true colors of that trashy man Yue Pengcheng.

They did not want to witness their daughter being bullied again by a daughter-in-law — otherwise, they could never die in peace.

Grandmother Su dried her tears and said, “Meimei, there’s no rush. Take care of yourself before anything else.”

Grandfather Su said, “Yeah, there’s no rush, no rush, take care of yourself.”

Mrs. Yue shook her head. “I’m okay, now that both of you are here, I have to take care of you.”

Yue Tingfeng said, “Grandpa, Grandma, the doctor said there’s nothing majorly wrong with my mom’s body. Her vital organs were not hurt, don’t worry too much.”

Grandmother Su’s expression changed for the worse. Her tone was slightly aggressive as she said, “How could I not worry? Her face is pale, and Meimei was lucky that her vital organs were not hurt, it’s not because of the killer’s mercy.”

Grandmother Su was a little mad at Yue Tingfeng — if it wasn’t because Yue Tingfeng made a bad decision and fell for Yan Qingsi, their daughter would not have been in this situation right now.

Yue Tingfeng realized that something was off — Grandmother was clearly angry.

He thought to himself — it was understandable that their favorite daughter got hurt. The elders would be worried naturally and it was normal to be angry.

Before Yue Tingfeng could reply, Mrs. Yue said, “Mom, why are you lecturing my son? It wasn’t Tingfeng who hurt me.”

Grandfather Su tried to ease the tension. “Your mom is just worried…”

Mrs. Yue was not going to hold a grudge against her own parents — she said to Yue Tingfeng, “Son, your grandparents are here. Go back to the hotel and rest, pack up and go see Qingsi — don’t let her worry, I will get out of the hospital soon. I’m still waiting for the three of us to go on a trip.”

Yue Tingfeng laughed. “Okay, I’ll head back.”

“Grandpa, Grandma, I’m leaving.”

Before Yue Tingfeng walked out of the ward, he heard Mrs. Yue tell the elders, “Mom, Dad, you don’t know this yet, but our Qingsi is incredible. She knows everything, when you meet her, you’ll like her as much as I do.”

Yue Tingfeng’s lips curled as he left.

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