Chapter 556 - Are You Willing to Say Yes to Sleeping with You as Well?

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Chapter 556: Are You Willing to Say Yes to Sleeping with You as Well?

Grandmother Su’s worry intensified. She asked, “I remembered Tingfeng had a girlfriend before this, didn’t he?”

Mrs. Yue waved her hand. “Aiya, that doesn’t count. Tingfeng had never recognized her before, it was her who told everyone that she was my son’s girlfriend — I was in a blur back then. I’m not that dumb anymore, Qingsi is my son’s girlfriend. Tingfeng either stays single or marries her.”

Mrs. Yue’s words shocked the Su family elders. This Yan Qingsi was clearly powerful — their daughter was already adamant to have her as a daughter-in-law.

The elders had a sense of fear. She was already capable of controlling her future mother-in-law and they had yet to get married — what happens after they do? Wouldn’t she be the boss of the Yue family? Would there even be space for their daughter?

The elders felt more repulsed by Yan Qingsi.

Grandmother Su touched Mrs. Yue’s face lovingly. “Meimei, you’re too gullible.”

Mrs. Yue frowned. “Not really, I only trust people who are reliable. I’m not a kid anymore. It’s not that I will believe everything people say.”

Grandmother Su thought about Mrs. Yue’s marriage — they were too gullible back then, and they ruined their daughter’s life.

Grandmother Su felt guilty about her daughter. “Meimei… what happened with Yue Pengcheng…”

Grandfather Su shouted, “Why are you talking about him?”

Mrs. Yue said nonchalantly, “It’s okay. I’m already done with letting it out, I won’t keep this dog in my heart.”

The elders felt relieved after seeing how their daughter spoke about Yue Pengcheng with disgust and there were no signs of sadness at all.

Yan Qingsi did not go to the studio. She came to the hospital, and she was standing downstairs — she did not dare to go up. She promised the Su brothers to never come again.

However, she could not hold it in anymore. Before she could realize, she was already parked at the hospital.

Yan Qingsi did not want to bump into the Su brothers again, and she did not know how to face Mrs. Yue.

There was no way she could let go of taking revenge.

However, she was scared of bringing more harm to Mrs. Yue. Yan Qingsi’s internal conflict could never be eliminated — even if someone tried to burn it all.

She looked up at the window to Mrs. Yue’s ward and thought of what Ye Shaoguang said. There was no reason for him to lie to her at this point — Yan Qingsi believed about 70 percent of what he said.

She saw Yue Tingfeng walk out of the building, her heart shivered — she hid behind a tree.

Yue Tingfeng stopped in his tracks while walking past the tree. He looked over for a few seconds before leaving.

After Yue Tingfeng left, Yan Qingsi leaned against the tree and slid down to sit.

She might like Yue Tingfeng more than she imagined, she might… Yan Qingsi shut her eyes, and her eyes were extremely dry — it was as if she ran out of tears on the day Mrs. Yue was injured. She no longer had any tears left in her.

Yan Qingsi sat there for a long time before pulling out her phone and called a number.

“Luo Jinchuan, do me a favor.”

Yan Qingsi wanted to know who killed Yan Songnan, and who was the one who let Yan Mingzhu out of the mental hospital.

Yan Songnan was already dead, but Yan Mingzhu was still alive. If there was anyone who could make Yan Mingzhu speak, it… could only be Luo Jinchuan.

“Yan Qingsi, who knew that there would be a time you’d be begging me for a favor again? Should I be thankful that I’m still of value to you?” Luo Jinchuan’s sarcastic voice pierced through her ears.

“Yes, if you had no value, I would not be looking for you.”

“But why would I help you?”

“You can ask for any condition you want.”

Luo Jinchuan replied, “Are you willing to say yes to sleeping with you as well?”

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