Chapter 559 - You Future Mother-in-law Misses You

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Chapter 559: You Future Mother-in-law Misses You

Without proper rest for the past few days, she felt a wave of dizziness right after she stood up. Yan Qingsi held onto the tree for support. When she felt better, she opened her eyes. She wanted to pluck that dandelion away.

However, just as she turned her head over for a look, she saw a hand plucking the dandelion.

Yan Qingsi was shocked and her gaze immediately followed the hand upwards.

Under the sun, his smile was burning brightly. As though it could pierce through the gloomy clouds and illuminate the dark bottomless abyss, sparking in her, a feeling she had never experienced before.

He held onto the lush dandelion as he walked over and stood in front of Yan Qingsi. He then gave her a knock on the head with his hand. “I knew something didn’t felt right just now, you are really here. I’ve been waiting for you to come back for two days. Are you trying to rebel?”

With the pain in her head, Yan Qingsi finally got out of her daze.


Yue Tingfeng did not give Yan Qingsi the chance to continue speaking and put his arms around her shoulders. “If I didn’t come over, I wouldn’t have realized you were slacking off here. Come, follow me. Your future mother-in-law misses you greatly.”

Yan Qingsi pulled away from Yue Tingfeng, “I…wait…”

She could not face Mrs. Yue.

Yue Tingfeng pinched Yan Qingsi’s cheeks. “What’s with the waiting? Your future mother-in-law was waiting for so long that she’s turning into a grumbling widow. If this goes on any longer she might even develop lovesickness.”

“You…first…I…something at the set, I have to rush over. I’ll come over in a few days.”

Yan Qingsi wanted to run away. She dared not look Mrs. Yue in the face. She was at a loss of how to react to what’s coming up next.

If she behaved more rationally, she should be telling Yue Tingfeng to not look for her and cut all ties with her, leaving her as far as possible.

However, she did not want to be rational about it. She wanted to selfishly enjoy that warmth a little more.

She walked that thorny path alone for so many years. It was difficult for her to find this little bit of warmth and she was really unwilling to part with it.

Yan Qingsi had a fierce internal struggle whether to leave or to act like nothing had happened and continued to stay.

Yan Qingsi pushed Yue Tingfeng aside and got ready to leave.

Yue Tingfeng’s voice sounded clear from behind her. “What are you running away from?”

Yan Qingsi halted her steps and tightened her fists.

“You feel troubled right?”

“You felt that you have dragged me into your troubles, right?”

“You felt that, if not for you, all these would not have happened?”

As though he just walked right out of her heart, Yue Tingfeng’s triple question combo caused Yan Qingsi to tremble.

Yan Qingsi was already out of the shade provided by the big tree, standing directly under the sun. She could not feel any heat basking under the sunlight, but only waves of chilling coldness coming from within her heart.

Yue Tingfeng walked over and stood in front of Yan Qingsi again.

He had been taking care of Mrs. Yue for a few days. He had dark greenish shadows under his eyes and stubbles were growing out. His sleeves were folded, revealing a portion of his arms. However, his dark eyes were bright, filled with deep thoughts. As they stared at Yan Qingsi, she felt as though all her inner secrets were all laid bare, exposed under the sun.

Yue Tingfeng lifted Yan Qingsi’s chin, forcing her to look at him.

He said, “The Yan Qingsi I know is not like this. She will never run away.”

Yan Qingsi’s lips quivered, then laughed out of self-pity. She looked at Yue Tingfeng and said, “Yes, the one you knew back then was not like this. If I were still that Yan Qingsi that you knew, I would have used you without any hesitation.”

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