Chapter 560 - If You’re Heartless, I’ll Give You One

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Chapter 560: If You’re Heartless, I’ll Give You One

Yan Qingsi laughed bitterly. “After that, enjoying the care and concerns of Mrs. Yue without any feeling of remorse while letting you shoulder the risk that was not yours to start with.”

“But now…” She could not do it.

When a person has things they care for, their heart would soften. They would be indecisive, just like her.

These were things that Yan Qingsi hated the most in the past because she felt that it was useless and it would only put more burden on her road to vengeance.

Yue Tingfeng suddenly hugged Yan Qingsi as he smiled, “I’m very happy…very happy!”

It would seem that one ‘happy’ could not express his current feeling, so he added another one.

To Yue Tingfeng, for him to hear such words from Yan Qingsi, all was worth it. If it were his mother, she would have said, ‘Taking that knife was worth it.’

Yue Tingfeng had always known for a long time when he was with Yan Qingsi that she was heartless. In the past, he thought that it was okay. ‘If you’re heartless, I am caring. I don’t only have a heart, I’m also patient, and dedicated. 1’

Eventually, with my many hearts, I can give you one.

Eventually, I can plant one within you.

At that moment, it was wonderful, he was right.

Yan Qingsi looked at Yue Tingfeng in shock. His body was very warm. The heat from the scorching sun plus his own body heat, his body was like a grill. Yan Qingsi being in his embrace, felt as though she was tossed into a grill, melting her body quickly.

Yue Tingfeng lowered his head and kissed the dumbfounded Yan Qingsi on her cheek, “I’m very happy that me and my mom’s efforts did not go to waste. Not bad, we truly are a family.”

Yan Qingsi felt that she was being melted quickly. She was worried that this would result in her making irrational decisions so she forcefully pushed Yue Tingfeng aside.

“Yue Tingfeng, you don’t know anything. What are you happy about? What can you be happy about?”

“Do you know that I…”

Yan Qingsi’s fury had only just started but before she could come out with a complete sentence, Yue Tingfeng once again pulled her into his embrace. He even lowered his head and stilled her lips. With such strength, with such care.

His lip’s temperature was even higher than his body. Yan Qingsi felt waves of dizziness permeating her head. She lost control and got closer to Yue Tingfeng with her hands unconsciously wrapped around his neck.

It seems like Yue Tingfeng had learned Yan Qingsi’s tricks. When you could not convince[2] a woman, then you can just bed 1 her. Of course, at that moment he could not sleep with her, but kissing without any warning was still possible.

Yue Tingfeng kissed Yan Qingsi until she was gasping for air, to the point where she was exhausted and leaned on him.

Yue Tingfeng tilted Yan Qingsi’s chin upwards. “I know what you are doing, I also know what you’re thinking and planning to do. However…you better, no, it should be…You must not say it out loud, because that is useless against me. I won’t acknowledge it. If you say it, it’s only going to bring yourself more trouble–a reason for me to sleep with you.”

Yue Tingfeng actually understood the situation fully. He saw through with better clarity than anyone else, even more than Yan Qingsi herself.

From the moment Mrs. Yue was injured up until this day, Yan Qingsi had been missing. Yue Tingfeng knew that she was just bashing her head against a brick wall, making things difficult for herself.

Originally Yue Tingfeng only wanted to give Yan Qingsi some time to think things through, but now that he saw it, this dumb lady can be helpless at critical times.


Ch 560 Footnote 1

没心(heartless), 有心(caring), 耐心(patient), 恒心(dedication), 多颗心(many hearts). In this situation we have translated it to carry over the intended meaning of the original phrase, however, the next sentence on many hearts is a wordplay that could only be understood if given the proper context. The 心, heart, in all the previously mentioned qualities all, contains the word heart, hence the many heart reference.

Ch 560 Footnote 2

说服(Shui Fu/debate with someone until they concur) vs 睡服(Shui Fu/sleep with someone until they concur) Another instance of wordplay by the author using homonyms. Have fun =)

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