Chapter 561 - You Are The Most Beautiful Scenery I Have Seen

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Chapter 561: You Are The Most Beautiful Scenery I Have Seen

Yue Tingfeng once again proved his words that Yan Qingsi was not smart at all, instead, she was very dumb.

Always thinking that she was strong enough to hold the heavens.

Yet in actuality…her shoulders were so thin that it was spiky.

Yan Qingsi’s face was burning up and her mouth was seemingly on fire. Yue Tingfeng’s words shocked her. “I…”

Yue Tingfeng interrupted Yan Qingsi’s sentence. “Yan Qingsi, if you regretting it now then let time rewind back to three years ago, back to the very first time you met me. If you did not involve me from the beginning, I might just let you go. However, now…don’t even think about it.”

“I suppose I never told you before. When I first saw you, I thought to myself that I will eventually sleep with this lady.”

It was the first time Yue Tingfeng said those words. It would most likely be his last time saying them too. This secret that he kept hidden for so many years would only be mentioned once, and never again.

Yue Tingfeng raised his chin, said with an unruly aura, “The following words I will only say it once. You better perk your ears, listen carefully and remember them well.”

“Yan Qingsi, since you’ve made me fall in love with you, don’t you ever think of leaving me out of this. I will not allow myself to be in a one-sided show. My mother can’t have no daughter-in-law for her entire life and most importantly, our Yue family can’t be without an heir.”

Yan Qingsi’s eyes began to water. Yue Tingfeng’s handsome face was slowly turning blurry.

She muttered, “I…probably can’t remember it.”

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember. I shall write it down, stick it to your bedpost and you dictate it three times every day and night. No food for you if you don’t dictate it.”

Yan Qingsi thought that her eyes ran out of tears a long time ago. Never did she thought she would still have so much left.

The sun was strong that day. The sunlight shone on the teardrops on Yan Qing’s cheeks refracted into rainbow colors. Her face was so battered and exhausted, yet so beautiful to Yue Tingfeng’s eyes. That was the most beautiful scenery he had seen in his life.

Yue Tingfeng gave her a strong kiss. “You dragged me into this trouble, don’t you dare leave me halfway. If you are going to trouble me, it will be for life, not one day less.”

Having said that, Yue Tingfeng hoisted Yan Qingsi over his shoulders.

“What are you trying to do?” Yan Qingsi’s head suddenly facing downwards, blood rushing to her head. She was already dizzy to start with, and that just made her dizziness worse, causing her to almost blackout.

Yue Tingfeng carried Yan Qingsi all the way towards the residence building. “You’ve been hiding for so many days, and you dare ask? Of course, it’s to see your future mother-in-law.”

Yan Qingsi panicked. “I can’t, I can’t…”

She promised Su Lil’ Three that she won’t come to the hospital and she would stay away from Mrs. Yue…

There was no way that Yue Tingfeng would listen to her. “Why not? No use talking now. I’ve been pampering you too much in the past, resulting in you always thinking about this and that…”

“I…you listen to me first…I…” Yan Qingsi wanted to speak up, but her current posture was really uncomfortable with blood rushing to her head. In the end, she blacked out.

Yue Tingfeng, still oblivious to that, carried Yan Qingsi and quickly continued. The sweat from his forehead dripping down along his neck into his shirt.

Yue Tingfeng said to Yan Qingsi, “I have always thought that my target to sleep with you, to the point of exhaustion that you will only wake up through natural means, was very hard to achieve. But now, if I can’t even handle a dumb little girl like you, I’ll be super useless. I need to pick up this old dream of mine again…”

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