Chapter 562 - Finally Understood What Was Most Important

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Chapter 562: Finally Understood What Was Most Important

How handsome Yue Tingfeng was, only those that had seen him could know.

He was all sweaty and slightly slobbish. Yet at the same time, handsome and sexy beyond compare. To the point where nurses passing by were drooling over the sight.

After all Yue Tingfeng had said, he did not get a reply from Yan Qingsi. He thought she was angry, so he stopped and took a look, just to realize that Yan Qingsi had passed out.

Yue Tingfeng cursed. Then without waiting for the elevator, ran up the stairs hastily.

Yue Tingfeng ascended the stairs with full speed while carrying Yan Qingsi, all the way straight to Mrs. Yue’s ward, giving the three old folks a scare.

Mrs. Yue was the fastest to recover from the shock and saw Yue Tingfeng carrying a girl on his shoulder. That girl had her head facing downwards and her long hair was covering her face, making it impossible to see her face clearly.

However, Mrs. Yue was able to identify who it was with just a glance. That was obviously Yan Qingsi.

Mrs. Yue was so anxious she almost climbed down the bed. If Yue Tingfeng was within reach, she would have smacked his head.

“Aiya, why are you such a ruffian treating her like a gunny sack? That’s a human. Can’t you put in a little care for her? Don’t you know how to carry her like a princess? You rascal, I can’t even have any peace of mind. Do you still need your mother here to teach you how?”

Yue Tingfeng quickly placed Yan Qingsi on the neighboring bed and said, “She didn’t want to come, so I carried her here.”

Mrs. Yue saw how Yan Qingsi was not moving and asked anxiously, “Then how did she passed out?”

“She was too dumb. She was blaming herself and dared not come up. When I went down, she was under the sun, and finally fainted.”

Of course, Yue Tingfeng would not dare to tell her that Yan Qingsi fainted because of how he carried her on her shoulders, causing blood to rush to her head. Otherwise, his mother would have lectured him to no end.

Mrs. Yue placed a hand on her stomach while trying to get down but was stopped by Grandpa and Grandma Su, causing her to smack the bed anxiously. “Then why aren’t you calling the doctors? Do you even know how to act? Look at you, it’ll be a miracle for you to marry my daughter-in-law.”

She added, “Dad, Mom, look at this kid. He’s just too stupid, totally not like my son.”

“Oh, I’ll go get the doctor now.”

Yue Tingfeng quickly called for a doctor and the doctor advised to have Yan Qingsi go for a detailed checkup.

Yue Tingfeng followed along as the nurses pushed Yan Qingsi out of the room.

Mrs. Yue wanted to follow along but was stopped by Grandpa and Grandma Su.

Old Mrs. Su asked, “That girl is…”

Mrs. Yue said, “That’s Qingsi. She’s my future daughter-in-law. Once she wakes up, I’ll let you guys have a good look at her and also introduce her to her future grandparents-in-law. Did you guys bring along any things of value? Remember to pass it to my daughter-in-law as a gift.

Grandpa and Grandma Su were having mixed feelings. They did not want to embarrass Yan Qingsi directly in front of their daughter, or she would be very sad.

However, that girl, even though they did not see what she looked like, but the way Mei Mei and Tingfeng were concerned for her had them worried.

They both felt that they could not afford to meet her. If they passed her a gift, that would be acknowledging her, and that they could not do it.

After a moment, Su Zhen came to the hospital to bring the two old folks home for rest. They’ll be back the next day.

Mrs. Yue saw how tired her parents were and could not prevent them from leaving. She thought that since they are already here, meeting up was just an eventuality.

Yan Qingsi’s brows twitched, then opened slowly. Before she could see clearly, she could hear a sound saying, “Ma, your daughter-in-law is awake, you can stop twisting my ear.”

The moment Yan Qingsi heard those words, her heart suddenly calmed down. She finally understood what was most important.

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