Chapter 563 - You Deserve Not Getting A Wife

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Chapter 563: You Deserve Not Getting A Wife

Mrs. Yue lets go of Yue Tingfeng’s ear. Placing a hand on her stomach, she moved closer with a smiling face and said, “She’s awake…Qingsi…are there any discomfort?”

Yan Qingsi opened her mouth but her throat felt scorched. Maybe she had stood under the sun for too long. She was unable to make a sound. After much effort, Yan Qingsi finally managed to squeeze out with a weak voice, “I’m fine…”

All these years she had never felt as wonderful as that moment. Her heart was never this relaxed and positive.

It was as though the clouds parted and she could finally see a ray of light.

The lonesome journey all those years down the thorny path finally bore some fruits. She could finally see signs of life.

Yan Qingsi’s lips curled upwards. Everyone had to grow up, and the price of growing up may be good, maybe bad.

In the short 25 years of Yan Qingsi’s metamorphosis and growth, every individual growth was accompanied by heart-wrenching pain.

It was as if she had continuously walked on the path without taking a break. Along the way, nobody offered her any goodwill either. In the past, she had also rejected such goodwill.

She had to suppress her own kindness and weakness since childhood. That desolate hatred had transformed into her motivation. She could stand against the entire world and make enemies out of everyone in the world. She thought that would be how she lives her entire life until the day she achieves her revenge even till she dies.

However, life does not follow a planned route. Nobody knew what would happen the very next second.

Yue Tingfeng and Mrs. Yue’s appearance was like a tiny flower blooming along with her grey, desolate path. She could not help but halt her steps as that was the only color she could see in her entire world of grey.

It made Yan Qingsi realized that in her world, there are other things, better things apart from vengeance.

Her life, in actuality, could be better.

Nobody would willingly stay forever in cold and darkness. Humans had an innate ability to seek out light and warmth, and Yan Qingsi was no exception.

When that little flower presented itself to her, when she felt how warmth felt like, she never wanted to let go of it again.

Mrs. Yue looked at Yan Qingsi’s pale face. Some parts being sunburnt, she raised her hand and slapped Yue Tingfeng. “Are you stupid? Go get some water…”

Yue Tingfeng quickly went to pour some water and came back with a cup of water. “Qingsi, drink some, I added some glucose…”

Yue Tingfeng helped Yan Qingsi up and then brought the cup next to her mouth.

Yue Tingfeng was a little rough while feeding her. Yan Qingsi could not finish it and some water spilled from the corner of her mouth down to her neck.

Mrs. Yue saw that and started twisting Yue Tingfeng’s ear again. “You can’t even manage such small stuff and you’re looking for a wife? You deserve to not find one. The doctor had said, Yan Qingsi passed out because of blood rushing to her head, yet you said that she passed out from the sun. I bet it was because of you carrying her up the stairs like that…”

Yue Tingfeng’s ear was almost twisted off. He was hurting badly and replied, “Ma, Ma…it’s my bad. Come, come, you feed her.”

Hearing that, Yan Qingsi quickly said, “I’m fine, I can manage by myself.”

Yan Qingsi took the cup from Yue Tingfeng’s hand and slowly sipped away.

Mrs. Yue sat down, looking at Yan Qingsi’s exhausted face filled with dark circles and said sadly, “The doctor said you were overly exhausted and have low blood sugar level. You did not rest properly these few days right?”

Yan Qingsi lowered the cup. “I…”

Even though she had thought it over, facing Mrs. Yue, she still felt guilty. Her thoughts and reality were vastly different.

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