Chapter 565 - If You Don’t Marry Him, Who Else Can You Marry

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Chapter 565: If You Don’t Marry Him, Who Else Can You Marry

Yan Qingsi gripped her palm tightly and said, “I dragged you into this trouble, I…did many bad things, things that you can’t imagine. I have harmed many people in the past. They are seeking their vengeance on me, but…instead, you got harmed.”

Mrs. Yue moved her body closer to the bedpost and said, “When I was little, I used to be mischievous. I remember when I was around seven or eight years old, I demanded my third brother to bring me out and play. That time, it was still very chaotic. We were kidnapped shortly after we left the house. Oh, at that time that Zhang Suya was also kidnapped together. When the kidnappers asked who was Su family’s daughter, she immediately betrayed me…”

Mrs. Yue pouted. “Actually I had already hated her at that time. Now that I think about it, I regret my decision to let her stay in my house for so many years. I should have gotten her killed back then. Even now, she still disgusts me. Too bad I was such a saint, not vindictive at all. Oops, I derailed the topic…”

Mrs. Yue quickly got back to the main issue. “At that time I did not know fear. When I was kidnapped, I didn’t feel anything. So long as the kidnappers didn’t starve me until…my eldest brother came to save me…”

Yan Qingsi could hear that Mrs. Yue’s voice changed. She raised her head to look at Mrs. Yue, her eyes turning red.

“At that time, the kidnappers were surrounded by people trying to save me. They couldn’t escape, so they used me as a hostage and threaten my eldest brother to break his own leg, and then my brother really…”

Yan Qingsi looked at Mrs. Yue, she was just like a little girl. Her mouth slightly pouting, trying very hard to hold in her tears while saying, “Since then, my eldest brother’s left leg would hurt every time it rains. When he walks, he still staggers…”

Mrs. Yue skipped the middle portion of the incident. That was a part of her memories that she wanted to avoid the most. However, Yan Qingsi could imagine the situation then. A little girl witnessing such violence, it was definitely a traumatic experience.

Mrs. Yue looked at Yan Qingsi and smiled. “So you say, did I drag my eldest brother into trouble? If I didn’t go out, then all that would not have happened right?”

“Also, my third brother was given such a bad beating by my father that he was bedridden for half a month and he had to sleep face down for the whole month too. It had nothing to do with him. Was it not because of my tantrum, wanting to go out and play? I dragged them into such troubles, yet when I got home, who blamed me for it? At home, I still acted as I wished. To me though, I think I deserve to be kidnapped. It was my fault for being disobedient, yet nobody said anything.”

“When I was married, my eldest brother cried while carrying me all the way. You haven’t seen my eldest brother. He’s such an amazing person, not making a sound even when his leg was broken.”

Yan Qingsi listened attentively to Mrs. Yue as she told her stories of her childhood. Many decades of memories were brought up, yet it felt so fresh.

Yan Qingsi was jealous of Mrs. Yue. She had material wealth, family background, family… all the things that most people could not obtain in their entire life.

Yan Qingsi said, “But he’s your immediate family. Between family, there’s no…”

Mrs. Yue cut Yan Qingsi off. “I am also your family, as you are mine. After you marry my son, you’ll be closer to me than my brother alright. Saving you is the same as saving my future grandchild. Saving your life in exchange for all my grandchildren is definitely a worthwhile deal.”

Yan Qingsi’s heart trembled. “But…about the future, nobody knows what would happen right? How are you so sure that I will marry your son?”

Mrs. Yue’s face filled with confidence and replied, “Of course! If you don’t marry my son, who else can you marry? My son has picked you. I’ll see who dares to fight…”

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