Chapter 566 - My Son Has Picked You, You Can Only Marry Into My Family

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Chapter 566: My Son Has Picked You, You Can Only Marry Into My Family

Mrs. Yue looked at Yan Qingsi, pouted, “That…if you dare to pick another person, our Yue family, and my mother’s side Su family are not such pushovers!”

Mrs. Yue’s words had a hint of threat in them, it was just short of directly saying: You seduced my son, and he has picked you. You can only marry into my family. If you dare to marry someone else, don’t blame me for being ruthless.

Yan Qingsi looked at Mrs. Yue in surprise, not expecting such words from Mrs. Yue.

She always thought that Mrs. Yue was a very kind person, or the more modern terminology, stupid and sweet.

However…she never expected Mrs. Yue to have such a domineering side to her.

Yan Qingsi thought, from how Mrs. Yue described her childhood, she must have been very arrogant lady. Living in such a well to do family, always pampered by her family members, it was only normal to have such stubbornness. It was only natural for her to behave that way.

Yan Qingsi smiled. She finally understood where Yue Tingfeng’s strong personality and mysterious sense of confidence came from.

Yue Tingfeng leaned against the wall, listening to the sounds from within. His lips slowly curled upwards and his anxious heart finally calmed down bit by bit.

Just as expected, his mother was always dependable during critical hours.

Yan Qingsi had only one path in this life, and that is to marry him, marry him, and marry him!

If he was such an easily seduced person, he would have a harem by now. Would he still be waiting for her seduction?

Yan Qingsi had always claimed to be picky, but in actual fact, he was the pickiest one of all.

Three years ago, did Yan Qingsi really thought that it was that easy to sleep with him?

Repeat that a hundred times, it was because he was willing to let her bed him. If he was unwilling, he would not have cared if Yan Qingsi lived or died.

There was no right or wrong in love. It was always the case where one is willing to fight, one was willing to suffer!

Yue Tingfeng stood up straight and rolled up his sleeves. Only then did he went downstairs.

Yan Qingsi knew Mrs. Yue’s words were a different way of consoling her, but the knot in her heart was not so easily untied. Getting married was not something she had thought of, nor something she dared to think about.

Yan Qingsi said without looking at Mrs. Yue, “I have never thought of marrying someone. I understand better than other what kind of life I’m living. I’m also clear on what I have to face. I also know full well what I had done in the past. Marrying me, is equivalent of marrying a calamity into the family…your injury that day was only a start. Whatever that may happen in the future, I do not know, and it might be even scarier…”

Mrs. Yue nodded her head, “I know. Sometimes I may be really blur and my mind may be slow, but I am not stupid. You have your concerns. Look at the things you normally do, were they something a normal lady could accomplish?”

“However, our family is in need of a capable daughter-in-law like you. I only know how to spend money and nothing else. Normally, I could not manage anything at home, and I just pushed them all to Aunt Wu. You on the other hand, if you marry into the family, then I could just pass them to you. Also with that stupid son of mine, if I don’t find him a capable daughter-in-law, I can’t keep him under control. No matter how I see it, I still think that you are the one I’m most satisfied with. You’re the best.”

Mrs. Yue added in her heart, ‘You didn’t despise me for being stupid, and you even fought for me when I was bullied. Marrying one of you would beat having five other daughter-in-laws. Such a great deal.’

Mrs. Yue looked at Yan Qingsi, growing increasingly satisfied. She was a simple person. If she likes someone, then she would only grow to like them more, especially forgiving. She would always think that person was the best and nobody else could compare.

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