Chapter 567 - I’ve Extended My Coattail, Ride It Quick

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Chapter 567: I’ve Extended My Coattail, Ride It Quick

Yan Qingsi’s eyes were getting wet. She said, “Yan Mingzhu said I would only bring calamity to others. You might not have known, I plotted against my biological father, stepmother, stepsister, and my aunt. I destroyed the Yan family. I sent Yan Mingzhu into the asylum. A few days back, someone told me if it wasn’t for me forcing them into a corner, Yan Mingzhu might not have turned out that way. However, I don’t think that I was wrong.”

Mrs. Yue looked at Yan Qingsi and said, “The cruelty of this world was not yours to forgive.”

Yan Qingsi stared at Mrs. Yue in in shock. This was the first time someone told her something like that.

Others have always told her to be less vindictive, not to push people to the edge, and less cruel. You should not… you should not…

Even those with dirt on their hands like Ye Shaoguang had said she went over the limit. Only Mrs. Yue put it this way.

“You… really treat me as family?”

Mrs. Yue raised her hand and poked at Yan Qingsi’s head, lecturing, “If I did not treat you as family, would I treat you this well? Someone with a temper like yours, do you really think you’re that lovable? It was because you met me. Given anyone else, who would have such discerning eyes?”

Yan Qingsi broke into a smile and nodded, “I know.”

Mrs. Yue caressed the top of Yan Qingsi’s head, “That’s why you should treat me better. Where else would you find a mother-in-law like me? Not to mention my family is rich. Yue family’s money, all belongs to my son.”

“There’s also Su family. Part of my dowry was a substantial amount of Su family shares, along with my parents’ share. They love me the most. One day if they are really gone, won’t they all be mine? There’s also my three brothers. Which of them dare to not give me money. You see, I’m filthy rich.”

Mrs. Yue couldn’t wait to show off all her assets, just shy of straight up saying: ‘Look and see how rich I am, you should hurry and ride my coattails’

Yan Qingsi saw Mrs. Yue’s growing smile on her face. Her heavy heart had also unknowingly started to clear up.

She nodded, “Mm, I know. You are very rich.”

All the more she felt that a lot of Yue Tingfeng inherited a lot from Mrs. Yue.

Mrs. Yue pinched Yan Qingsi’s face, “So, my family business is big, and our family is very influential. Enter my family, and you won’t have to worry about putting food on your table for the rest of your life?”

“Those dangers of yours are nothing. Don’t worry, auntie will help you arrange a few more bodyguards in the future. Keeping on guard 24 hours a day, and you can even show it off. You celebrities need to put on a show anyways right?”

Mrs. Yue dragged the conversation with Yan Qingsi left and right, talking about anything and everything.

Yan Qingsi realized that perhaps Mrs. Yue was the wisest. She did not hold any serious conversation with her. Without giving her any pressure, with a few words, seemingly without any substance. Yet it was in that manner, the stress Yan Qingsi had in her heart was slowly washed away.

“Tingfeng’s grandparents are here, you should meet them later. Old man and old lady are both crazy rich, have them send you a gift from before. I’ve already told them, the gift for my future daughter-in-law must not be of low value, otherwise, I’ll be unhappy.”

Yan Qingsi, hearing Mrs. Yue bring up Grandpa and Grandma Su immediately tensed up, growing more scared to meet them. She remembered the words Su Lil’ Three said that day.

Su Lil’ Three belonged to the younger generation. He would not meddle in the business of the older generation. Hence, those words were not what he wanted to say, but what Grandpa and Grandma Su wanted him to say.

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