Chapter 568 - I Don’t Want You to Get Hurt

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Chapter 568: I Don’t Want You to Get Hurt

Yan Qingsi knew that the Second Elder of the Su family did not like her.

Then again, no one could ever like her—and they definitely should not.

Their daughter got hurt while saving her. Mrs. Yue was the apple of the Second Elder’s eye. How could he not feel devastated, how could he not blame her?

She was used to people not liking her. They had never even met, so how could they like someone they have never met anyway?

Besides, how many Mrs. Yue-s could this world have?

If everyone was like Mrs. Yue, she would not have had such a difficult life all these years.

Yan Qingsi wanted to refuse the invitation, did not want to meet them. Mrs. Yue wanted so much for them to meet, but under all these circumstances it might be better to not meet at all.

However, Yan Qingsi did not know how to refuse Mrs. Yue.

Mrs. Yue caressed the top of Yan Qingsi’s head. “All my life, my parents have always listened to me,” she said. “Whatever l like, they will also like. You’re such a good girl. They’ll definitely like you too.”

Yan Qingsi gave a silent bitter laugh. She knew that that was impossible; they would not like her, and they would not have a reason to like her.

“Auntie’s parents must be kind and compassionate people, like Auntie,” Yan Qingsi chuckled.

Mrs. Yue nodded. “Of course…”

“Aiya, my father isn’t actually kind. He’s so fierce that my brothers and I were scared of him when we were younger. My mother…she’s all right. She’s icy though, as though she were a lady from a noble house during olden times. They’re like that, but you’ve got nothing to be afraid of. They act all haughty and proud, but they won’t in front of you. I won’t let them go off if they dare to act all haughty to you.

When Mrs. Yue spoke of her parents, her tone was laced with the rebelliousness and proudness of a little girl’s. This mysterious attitude of woman only surfaced when they faced their own parents.

Yan Qingsi wore a small smile as she listened. Mrs. Yue always had a lucky life. The only unlucky thing in her life was her marriage.

Yan Qingsi thought of Yue Pengcheng; she did not know how was the b*stard now.

She had plotted to drive a wedge between them that time. No matter what, a pompous man like Yue Pengcheng would never allow his own woman to humiliate him by having an affair.

He and Ding Fu would never have the same relationship as before.

The best way to get revenge against these people was to make them constantly be suspicious of each other without a single day of peace. She would live her days out better, and use her own happiness to foil their sorrows.

When Yue Tingfeng returned home with a push of the door, he saw Yan Qingsi’s face split into two with smiles, talking and laughing with Mrs. Yue. The fog clouding her features had lifted, and her eyes finally had a spark of life in them.

Yue Tingfeng released a sigh of relief. He really did not know how to cajole or console people. Fortunately, he had a mother that could work wonders and do the impossible.

Yue Tingfeng was glad that he and his mother had the same taste—they did not like girls who put on a show, they liked girls like Yan Qingsi.

Yue Tingfeng carried a basket of peaches in. “What are you two talking about so happily? Are you talking behind my back?”

“What do you think? Remember how you barbequed your grandpa’s highly prized nine-striped koi fish when you were young? He was so angry that he almost got a heart attack.”

Yue Tingfeng skimmed over the topic: “Mom, stop talking about my younger days. What youth wasn’t a rascal, right? Anyway, I’ve got your peaches.”

Mrs. Yue rolled her eyes. “Put it away. I don’t want it anymore. Go and pour me a glass of water.”

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