Chapter 570 - You Will Lose Me Like This

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Chapter 570: You Will Lose Me Like This

Yue Tingfeng eyed his mother sideways, not getting up to help her. He waited for her to sit down before he said, “Mom, stop pretending. Do you know that you’ll lose me easily if you continue like this?”

“All right, just let me try losing you,” she snorted indignantly. “I don’t believe that you’ll manage to find a wife without me. Hmph…”

Yue Tingfeng was stunned for a moment. All right, this was real—if he did not have his mother, he might never be able to marry.


“Here, Mom, lie down for a rest. Your wound hurts, right? I’ll call for the doctor.” Yue Tingfeng immediately swapped for a compassionate expression as he helped Mrs. Yue to lie down.

Mrs. Yue looked at him sideways. “Let go of me. I’m about to lose you. Why are you still caring for me?”

“I was just simply saying,” Yue Tingfeng chuckled. “You’re my mom. Without you, there’s no me. Without you, how could I look after the Yue family? I would long been screwed over by that villain of a couple. You’re the best, Mom.”

Mrs. Yue pursed her lips. “Now you know?”

Yue Tingfeng nodded his head vigorously. “I know, I know… You lie down properly first. I’ll call for the doctor.”

“Call for what doctor? I asked you to pour me a glass of water, which you haven’t done till now.”

Yue Tingfeng quickly poured out a glass of water once he heard that. He even pulled out a hyper-hygenic habit and put it into a cup. “Mom, drink up. The temperature’s just right.”

“I don’t want to drink this anymore. I want to eat a peach. Go wash one.”

Yue Tingfeng put the glass down to wash the peach, only returning after he finished washing it.

“My shoulders ache. Massage them for me…”

“Those flowers in that vase smell bad. Throw them away…”

“Don’t you see that Yan Qingsi’s face has been sunburnt? Where are my skincare items? Go help her apply them…”

Yan Qingsi pinched her face. A smile was constantly plastered on her face at the sight of Yue Tingfeng being ran in circles around Mrs. Yue. The smile only dropped when Su Xiaosan arrived.

Su Zhen also came with Su Xiaosan.

Yan Qingsi ducked her head when she saw Su Zhen, pretending to not know him.

An unreadable light flashed in Su Xiaosan’s eyes when he saw Yan Qingsi.

The duo respectfully rushed towards Mrs. Yue, calling her Auntie.

“Lil’ Two, you’re here too,” Mrs. Yue said with delight at the sight of Su Zhen. “Aren’t you busy with your work?”

Yan Qingsi almost laughed out loud. Lil’ Two, Lil’ Three…

Su Zhen’s stoic, serious features highly contrasted his name.

Su Zhen glanced at Yan Qingsi and said, “Auntie, don’t blame me for coming so late.”

Mrs. Yue held up a hand. “I don’t blame you. I know that your job is important, and that you’re very busy. My injury is not that serious here…”

“Did Yan Mingzhu say anything?” Yue Tingfeng asked.

Su Zhen shook his head. “No. She seems mentally shaken. No one can get any answers out of her. For the moment, all they can do is to detain her.”

Yue Tingfeng’s expression turned blanched. “If she doesn’t answer, will they release her?”

“They won’t. Evaluations by professionals have determined that she has violent tendencies and is unsuited for normal life in society. They’ll send her to a mental hospital in Hai city.”

“Send to there?” Yue Tingfeng laughed sardonically. “Aren’t they afraid that she’ll be silenced?”

Yan Qingsi lifted her head to look at Yue Tingfeng. He… He knew all this while—that Yan Mingzhu was merely an unwitting pawn, not the mastermind.

There was someone else behind all this.

“Someone will protect her,” Su Zhen said.

He looked at Yan Qingsi. “Us police will send two bodyguards to protect you during your shooting in Hai City.”

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