Chapter 572 - I Have Wrecked Him for Life

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Chapter 572: I Have Wrecked Him for Life

Yan Qingsi wore a wry smile, defiance in her eyes. She stared at Su Xiaosan head-on without flinching.

There was none of the tears from last time. Her heart was light; her expression was bright.

Yan Qingsi was actually not an arrogant person, but once she was, it made people want to smack her.

Yan Qingsi’s curved lips and sharp eyes resembled a flower at its full bloom, never to wither—colorful and poisonous.

People always liked to throw effort into useless endeavors, and maybe they could never break free of the habit after a long while. However, it probably only took a moment to understand circumstances.

In the ward, Yan Qingsi had felt a twinge of guilt when she saw Su Xiaosan.

She always felt that she should have fulfilled her promise, but how could she went back on what she had said after such a short period of time? The other party was not wrong; she was at fault here.

However, even though she knew that she was at fault, she still never repented. It definitely incurred hatred from others.

Yet, Yan Qingsi’s heart was completely free of guilt now.

Yan Qingsi now thought: Why should I listen to you? Why should I feel guilty towards you?

“I have never hurt you, I have never owed you anything. We are just strangers who have met twice before. On what basis should I just follow what you say?”

“What right have you to meddle in my life?”

Su Xiaosan still wore a serene expression. “Miss Yan, this behavior… It’s extremely selfish,” he said.

“That’s right. I’m selfish. And what about you? Are you very noble?” she laughed.

This was Mrs. Yue’s nephew. Yan Qingsi made sure that her words were not too cutting towards him.

However, that did not mean that she would spare him either.

The thing that you cared about would not be so easy to get. If you wanted it, you had to fight for it.

“You just wear a noble mask to do selfish things,” she teased him.

Su Xiaosan frowned. He knew so little about her. The first time they met had been over the mahjong table at the Su family’s private home cuisine restaurant. Her technique was sound, and she seemed even-tempered and friendly.

The second time they had seen each other was at the hospital. Her haggard face had been streaked with tears, and she possessed none of the grace actresses should have.

Su Xiaosan had thought that Yan Qingsi was even-tempered, unlike the woman the media portrayed. He had thought then that the media was misleading and should not be trusted.

However, now Su Xiaosan knew that Yan Qingsi was not even-tempered—she was a little lion who was ready to spring on you when it opened its mouth, wanting to bite you.

Su Xiaosan laughed. “You certainly can’t distinguish a lot of things using nobility and selfishness in this world, but the harm you brought to my auntie was real. I trust you know about how hazardous you are more than I do.”

Yan Qingsi nodded her head. “I understand very clearly that I am a danger magnet, but… What of it?”

Yan Qingsi stared straight at Su Xiaosan. “You have no right to interfere in my life, and don’t you do what others don’t even dream of doing for the sake of someone else. You’re not Mrs. Yue, you’re not Yue Tingfeng, and you’re definitely not me.”

“But I…” Su Xiaosan said.

“I’ll be honest: if I marry, I’ll be marrying into the Yue family, not the Su family,” she cut him off. “Yue Tingfeng said that since I’ve already wrecked his life, I might as well wreck his entire life without a single day to lose. One is willing to beat, and one is willing to suffer. You have absolutely no say in this.”

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