Chapter 575 - You Would Have Fallen for Me Sooner or Later

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Chapter 575: You Would Have Fallen for Me Sooner or Later

Yue Tingfeng’s life was divided into before he met Yan Qingsi, and after he met her.

This was basically the pivot point of his life.

His life before was a life of—as his mother put it—an absolute scoundrel. After he met Yan Qingsi, he turned into a fool.

He never thought that he would be able to do whatever he had never done before and experienced.

The Yue Tingfeng from before lived life to the detail, with everything curated to perfection.

Whatever he ate, whatever he wore, whatever he used, wherever he lived—it was all chosen with the utmost care. It had to be the best. The slightest imperfection was not acceptable, and he refused to spend a penny less than he should. On a good day, he simply would not go about mowing everybody down.

For Yan Qingsi though, he got rid of all the unnecessary luxuries, leaving only his true self behind.

This was the first time he wanted to live his life well for another person.

Yan Qingsi craned her head to look at him. “What if I bring disaster to all of you? What if you face unprecedented danger because you’re together with me? You don’t think that it matters?”

Yue Tingfeng shook his head without care. “It’s not that I think that it doesn’t matter. It’s worth it for you.

“You said that if you were someone insignificant, I would have not batted a single eye at you. Thus, no one would have taken care of you.”

It was all worth it for the woman he loved. He would brave all the dangers the world had to offer because she was the best thing that happened to him.

This world had no free lunch, and no wife came without a price.

If he wanted to marry, he had to be prepared to pay the price.

It was just like how higher-level bosses in games dropped better items. It was definitely not going to be easy to have someone as rare as Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi smiled. Yue Tingfeng was just like his mother—sharp-tongued but soft-hearted. They would not say pretty things, but they would say things that relieved her from stress. Subconsciously, they would make her perk up, gradually pushing the stress away.

“That’s your mother! Aren’t you worried about her safety? I’m sure Su Zhen told you about the dangers that are happening to me, and it’s only the beginning.”

Yue Tingfeng raised his brows. “I know. Of course, I’m worried—that’s my only mother, after all. Still, I can definitely protect her now. I wasn’t prepared for Yan Mingzhu. I’ll be more careful next time. In my heart, you and my mother are both my women.”

He would protect his women, the two women he cared most for in his entire life.

Yue Tingfeng stopped the car at the red lights and pinched Yan Qingsi’s cheek. “You have to believe that I’m much stronger than you think I am. Don’t keep shouldering all the burdens by yourself—your shoulders are small. You’re not as rich as I am, and you’re definitely not as affluent as I am. You may not be able to carry the burden, but I can.

“If I can’t carry it myself, then we will carry it together.”

Yan Qingsi smiled. “I’ll try.”

She would try to trust him, to depend on him.

She had never cared about this before. However, she would do it, only for Mrs. Yue and Yue Tingfeng.

Yue Tingfeng ruffled Yan Qingsi’s hair as he steered the car forwards. “I know that you won’t be able to completely trust me in such a short period, and I won’t force you to. You would have fallen hard for me sooner or later anyway since I’m such a dashing, one-of-a-kind man.”

Yue Tingfeng was extremely confident. The woman he admired was the best; naturally, he had to be the best too. Otherwise, they would not match.

Only a king could be with a queen!

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