Chapter 58 - I Dare to Take You as My Wife, But Do You Dare to Marry Me?

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Chapter 58: I Dare to Take You as My Wife, But Do You Dare to Marry Me?

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Yan Qingsi leaned forward. She reached for his sunglasses and asked, “Marry? Who would dare to marry a girl like me? You?”

Jin Xuechu’s eyes were as almond-like as a woman’s—slightly round, full of vigor, and very beautiful. Yan Qingsi’s face was reflected in his pupils and he caressed her chin slightly. “Yes, I dare to take you as my wife, but do you dare to marry me?”

That exact scene was the first thing Miss Mai saw when she came out of the elevator. She immediately felt awkward and let out a dry cough. “Ahem… That…”

It was Miss Mai’s sudden arrival that got Yan Qingsi out of the sticky situation. The latter then straightened her body while Jin Xuechu retracted his hand.

Yan Qingsi asked, “Miss Mai, why are you here? I was just about to call you.”

Miss Mai replied awkwardly, “I came to pick you up because I was afraid that you’d oversleep.”

She scoffed silently at Yan Qingsi for being the most brazen of seductresses out there, even acting as though nothing ever happened. On the contrary, it was Miss Mai who felt her own cheeks heat up after bumping into the two of them.

Once the three of them entered the lift, Jin Xuechu asked Yan Qingsi, “Ride in my car?”

Miss Mai replied hastily, “Well, King Jin, I think it’s better for Qingsi to follow my car. The paparazzi have their eyes fixed on your every move. It won’t be good for you if they managed to get a pic.”

Jin Xuechu twitched his lip. “Whatever.”

Yan Qingsi sat in the car with Xiao Xu at the helm.

Miss Mai’s studio had few employees, which meant that Xiao Xu had to juggle multiple tasks.

He handed Yan Qingsi some breakfast: a cup of soy milk and a jianbing 1  —items that were commonly sold on the streets.

“Miss Qingsi, I bought breakfast for you. It’s…nothing special, but please…eat some…okay?”

A stinging pain stabbed Yan Qingsi’s heart. In the many years since her mother passed away, no one else ever bought breakfast for her.

She smiled and replied, “Sure, I’m hungry too. Thank you.”

After taking a bite, she said, “If you buy this again next time, tell the boss to give me more sauce. I like it extra flavorful.”

Xiao Xu nodded happily. “Ah, okay…”

Miss Mai kept quiet, speaking only after Yan Qingsi had finished eating. “King Jin said he wanted to marry you?”

Yan Qingsi laughed, then popped two mints in her mouth to prevent the taste from lingering.

“Do you think you can believe the words of a man who you just met, and who wants to bed you?”

Miss Mai thought for a moment before responding, “You’re right. Men’s words can never be believed.”

The next moment, she extended a finger and poked Yan Qingsi’s head. “But you. You naughty girl. You can just about lead any man on. You left Young Master Yue hanging and now you’re seducing King Jin. Are you really planning on two-timing?”

Yan Qingsi leaned over to Miss Mai. “I haven’t even done anything yet, who will I be two-timing? Why can’t I lead them on when they’re useful to me? I mean, I’m not the one who initiated it. They were the ones who came to me. It would be such a waste if I did nothing.”

She wanted to succeed, and she never wanted to experience being scared and on edge ever again. More so, she did not want to be thrown out of the country and spend her days escaping death, just because someone said so.

Revenge was something she wanted even more.

Everyone called her the product of an affair, a temptress, a scheming b*tch, and a slut, as if there was no one else under the sky that could approach her level of malevolence and shamelessness!

Seeing as everyone called her those things, she might as well get into character.

Three years passed by with her out of the country. Her body was still clean even after all that time, but her heart had long turned black.

She had seen things that were much more heinous and atrocious. Her misdeeds paled in comparison to all that.

Yan Qingsi smirked mockingly. The only thing she did was toy with men!


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