Chapter 59 - Who Are You Crying for When No One Gives A Damn About You?

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Chapter 59: Who Are You Crying for When No One Gives A Damn About You?

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What wrong did she commit? If those men did not come to her in the first place, she would not be able to play them no matter how hard she tried.

There was no reason to stop women from playing men when men were the ones who always trifled with women.

Miss Mai sighed. “Oh Qingsi, since I’ve had some experience in life, I think I should tell you this: if you lead them on without giving them anything in return, sooner or later you’ll be on the worse end of things.”

Yan Qingsi shrugged her shoulders. “I know. But…nothing’s happened yet right? Let’s just continue stringing them along.”

Miss Mai shook her head. Yan Qingsi was exactly the kind of woman that most people detested nowadays—a ruthless heart and a penchant for scheming.

Nevertheless, Miss Mai simply could not bring herself to hate Yan Qingsi.

It was two years since Miss Mai and Yan Qingsi got to know each other. Miss Mai would always remember the first time she met Yan Qingsi in Country M. Yan Qingsi looked like a little animal that had its legs severed off before being thrown into a dark pit. She continued to struggle nonetheless. Bright and ruthless were her eyes, and the only thing she hoped for was to survive in the darkness of the world.

In more than twenty years of her life, only a few days were worth living. It was not simply by virtue of her birth that it was so, but by the gradual actions of others that forced it upon her.

Who would choose not to live a happy life if given the choice?

Miss Mai once asked Yan Qingsi, ‘Haven’t you ever thought about venting your feelings by crying, when you can’t bear it all anymore?’

Yan Qingsi’s answer was simple. ‘Who are you crying for when no one gives a damn about you?’

With no one to love and care for her, all she could do was pick herself up slowly.

Miss Mai sighed. “Just be careful.”

“I know. Don’t worry, I won’t give you any trouble.”

“About your family…”

“Keep it under wraps. I can’t let them know that I’m back. They can’t know that I’ve returned, not until I manage to succeed.”

There was absolutely no way that Yan Qingsi could let the Yan family know that she was back, for they would go mad and exact their revenge on her if they knew.

At the very least, the only time she could reappear was when her anger reached its brink. She must first have a footing so strong that the Yan family would have no choice but to treat her seriously.

By the time they reached the filming studio, the film set had already been set up. Yan Qingsi was given a script by the MV’s director.

During the makeup preparations, Jin Xuechu’s agent showed his phone to Jin Xuechu. “How’s this actor? Isn’t he really manly?”

The agent was a feminine gay man who had a taste for strong men.

Jin Xuechu pushed his hand away without looking. “Send him back home.”

“Why? I specifically scouted him out. If you don’t agree, I can’t find anyone else at the last minute.”

Jin Xuechu moved a strand of his hair away. “I’m going to act in the MV.”

His agent let out a high-pitched response. “WHAT?”

Jin Xuechu brushed away another lock of hair. “Tell the director to add even more intimate actions.”

His agent pointed at him. “You…”

“Am I not making myself clear?”

“You’re very clear.”

“Then go.”

The agent then placed his hand Jin Xuechu’s forehead. “Are you sure you’re not having a fever? Are you really Jin Xuechu?”

Jin Xuechu pushed away his hand. “Tsk! I told you already. Don’t touch me.”

His agent then pointed at him again, asking, “You… In the ten years since you started your career, you’ve never partnered with a woman to shoot an MV. Have you gone nuts today?”

Jin Xuechu replied lazily, “Let’s make something interesting since it’s difficult to sell CDs nowadays.”

Angered, the agent stamped his feet. “Bullsh*t! Don’t even try to lie to me. Other people’s CDs might not sell, but why do you of all people have to be worried about not selling any? You’ve taken a liking to that girl, haven’t you?”

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