Chapter 60 - Sooner or Later I’ll Take Back Whatever That Was Snatched Away from Me

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Chapter 60: Sooner or Later I’ll Take Back Whatever That Was Snatched Away from Me

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Jin Xuechu rolled his eyes in response. “As long as you know. There’s no need to say it out loud.”

“She exactly like a vixen. One look at her and you know she’s a tramp. Don’t you make a move on her.”

Yan Qingsi’s melodious voice rang from behind. “What’s a tramp?”

The agent’s covered his hand over his heart. “You… You were eavesdropping.”

“You’re blaming me for eavesdropping when you were the ones who didn’t close the door properly?”

Yan Qingsi walked over to them and stared coldly at his entire body. “I’ve dealt with countless men before, but none of them are like you.”

The startled agent then put his hand to his chest and took a couple of steps back. “Don’t play a fool. I’m not a reckless person.”

He was met by Yan Qingsi’s disdainful look. “That’s alright. Even if I become reckless, I won’t just go at it with anyone.”

Jin Xuechu chuckled and lifted his agent out of the embarrassment by exclaiming, “Isn’t it about time we start shooting?”

Yan Qingsi’s vixen-like eyes stared at the agent until he began trembling. She then remarked, “Mm, yes. Come on out.”

She subsequently turned and left the room.

Clutching his heart, the agent said, “Oh my, oh my, she scared the hell of out me. This woman’s terrifying.”

Jin Xuechu stood up and said plainly, “Next time, don’t simply rattle your mouth off if you don’t know something. And don’t judge someone by their appearance.”

“You’ve made a move on her?”

“I haven’t done anything yet.”

It was not too complicated to shoot an MV as there were no lines to recite. All she had to do was act out a real-life scenario in accordance with the context of the lyrics, which in that case was nothing more than the highs and lows of a couple in a relationship.

Filming commenced without a hitch until it reached the middle of a particular scene. When Jin Xuechu lowered his head and kissed Yan Qingsi’s lips, the electricity supply to the studio was cut off.

They were left with no other choice but to cut short the filming at the last moment.

Everyone thought that the power cut was a temporary malfunction, but Jin Xuechu’s agent made his rounds and came back with an unhappy look on his face. He whispered a few things to Jin Xuechu.

In a similar manner, Jin Xuechu’s expression was not too happy either. He turned to Yan Qingsi and said, “The power failure is pretty serious and it might not resume for some time. You guys should head back first. Once the power’s back, we’ll continue the shoot.”

Yan Qingsi found it suspicious but decided not to ask anything further. “Okay…”

When she came out of the studio, she spotted Xue Zheng, who was modeling for a photoshoot in the studio just next door.

The photoshoot was for none other than the movie role that was supposed to go to Yan Qingsi. Xue Zheng was dressed in an imperial consort’s clothes; she was standing proudly with a thick head of hair, looking exceptionally glamorous. Yan Qingsi’s face turned icy when she saw the scene before her.

Miss Mai noticed it as well and clenched her jaw. “F*cking hell, to think that our opportunity was given to her!”

Yan Qingsi turned to leave, remarking coldly, “There’s nothing to be anxious about. It’s still too soon to say anything.”

Briefly shocked, Miss Mai then ran up to her. “What are you trying to say?”

Yan Qingsi narrowed her eyes. “Sooner or later I’ll take back whatever opportunity that was mine, even if it had been snatched away from me. What’s mine will always be mine.”

Miss Mai’s heart began thumping. ‘What is this woman going to do?’

After getting into the car, Yan Qingsi told Xiao Xu, “Follow me tonight, Xiao Xu. We’ll get some stuff settled.”

Seeing as there was some free time that day, she felt it was best to handle some serious matters.

Miss Mai asked, “What are you going to do, Qingsi? Don’t you mess around.”

Yan Qingsi curled her lips and smiled heartlessly. “Don’t worry. I will definitely not mess around.”

She then asked, “Miss Mai, you’ve been mingling around with the country’s showbiz circle for a long time already, right? You’ve interacted with the paparazzi before?”

A nod from Miss Mai. “Of course. Tell me, what do you want to do?”

“I want to know someone’s whereabouts. Help me buy some information from the paparazzi.”

Members of the paparazzi were all skilled investigators, and if there was ever a need to locate someone, engaging the paparazzi’s assistance was all that had to be done.

Miss Mai asked, “Who?”

“Luo Jinchuan.”

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