Chapter 603 - Yan Qingsi Admitted to Trading Sex for Favors!

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Chapter 603: Yan Qingsi Admitted to Trading Sex for Favors!

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Ji Mianmian was not lying to Yan Qingsi. She really did have a good night’s sleep with Ye Shaoguang.

She even felt rueful. Rich people were still the best because their beds were just so comfortable to sleep in.

Yan Qingsi scrutinized Ji Mianmian. The latter did not try to hide anything but was calm and honest. The Ji Mianmian that Yan Qingsi knew was not a kid who told lies, and perhaps it was Yan Qingsi who was overthinking. Those red blotches might simply be allergies or bug bites.

At exactly twelve noon, another piece of news went viral on Weibo. It was a video of Yan Qingsi’s interview at the hotel entrance, shot yesterday. The clip lasted several minutes.

The camera was pointed at Yan Qingsi throughout the length of the clip, and she was speaking to a male reporter. He asked, “Rumors have been spreading around the internet, saying you are a sugar baby, trading sex in exchange for fame, living off a rich man. Is all this true?”

Yan Qingsi’s answer was, “I admit to all of that!”

That short exchange between the two was a bombshell, not only for the entertainment circle but for everyone in the country.

Everyone knew that there was always some form of covert deals being struck within members of the entertainment circle. These improper practices never came to an end, and there were even rumors of trading sex for favors as well as prostituting oneself.

Be that as it may, whoever that did those sinful acts would never admit it. No one in the right mind would be that stupid.

Nevertheless, Yan Qingsi ‘admitted’ to it in front of members of the media.

Yan Qingsi’s confession that she was a sugar baby, that she traded sex for favors, and that she lived off a rich man made the headlines immediately.

Before that, the commotion on Weibo calmed down slightly, but it once again spiraled into a ruckus. Yan Qingsi went viral to an unprecedented extent, as was the vilification level against her.

Most commenters sighed with regret, having exhausted whatever words they had used to curse at Yan Qingsi. They originally thought of her as being shameless and wicked, but in the end, those words seemed too nice to describe her. She was practically a brainless woman!

Any normal person would certainly not do such a thing.

Even her own fans were distancing themselves from her en masse.

They were still able to defend her when she kept quiet, but once she ‘admitted’ it, how else were they able to help her?

After all, they did not want to be fans of a movie star who used sex to propel her career. Their idol may be shameless, but as fans themselves, they still wanted to preserve the dignity that they had!

Yan Qingsi’s fans swiped on a topic, ‘We agreed to be your ‘Qingsies1‘ forever, but we can’t continue doing that now!’

Ji Mianmian was so angry that tears began streaming down from her face. “That’s too cruel. How could they do that? These people are horrible…”

Ye Shaoguang promised to help her goddess, but why did things get worse instead of getting better?

Ji Mianmian wanted to murder Ye Shaoguang, that lying b*stard.

Yan Qingsi did not even say that at all. It was they who deliberately edited the video to only leave that single line. Those not privy to the truth would be under the impression that Yan Qingsi admitted to the accusations and slander that was hurled at her.

She knew that it was the second wave of attacks. It might even be possible that the reporter asked those questions just to set up a lexical trap.

It did not matter though, as Yan Qingsi became excited. There were plenty of reporters who recorded the complete footage unless, of course, the person who created the clip was able to buy off all the reporters and obtain all the footage so it could be destroyed.

Yue Tingfeng and his people were prepared well in advance. They earlier succeeded in obtaining the complete recording.

Yan Qingsi finally saw the dawning of a counterattack. It was the best way to strike back, and she had nothing but gratitude for the person who arranged it.

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