Chapter 604 - My Heart Breaks for You

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Chapter 604: My Heart Breaks for You

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Yue Tingfeng’s expression was callous. While he was pouring a glass of water for Yan Qingsi, he accidentally crushed the glass with his hand. The glass shards pierced his palm. Yan Qingsi dug up the band-aid that she constantly carried with her and cleaned his wound before applying it.

Yan Qingsi smiled and asked, “Are you angry because you feel cucked?”

Yue Tingfeng looked up and her and said, “I shouldn’t have let you go through all this. I could’ve protected you better.”

His expression and voice were far sterner than anything in the past.

Yan Qingsi curled her lips and leaned her forehead against Yue Tingfeng’s nose. “It’s fine. It’s not like I care. You shouldn’t take it to heart.”

She was not the kind of person who would take shelter behind her man. As much as she relied on him, she did not want to lose the ability to be independent.

“I care, I care…” Yue Tingfeng repeated.

Yue Tingfeng not only cared about it, but he was also heartbroken. The more nonchalant Yan Qingsi was about it, the more heartache he felt.

He knew fully well that her insouciance was a form of strength that existed because she had been hurt hundreds of thousands of times.

No one was born with such strength. It usually manifested after going through life’s ups and downs. Only those who experienced it before would understand the amount of suffering from that ordeal.

Yue Tingfeng cursed at himself for failing to realize his feelings earlier. Throughout those three years, he was never able to be by Yan Qingsi’s side.

Yue Tingfeng hugged her. “I’ve already made arrangements. This time, we’ll counter all of them in one go.”

Yan Qingsi nodded. “Mm. I know. I trust you, but… don’t be hasty. Let the chaos continue and simmer… the more viciously they curse at me, the more remorse they’d feel once the truth comes to light. The crueler they insult me, the greater my payback will be.”

“Leave the rest to me.”

Yan Qingsi smiled. “Okay. I’ll leave it to you.”

A grin finally appeared on Yue Tingfeng’s face.

Miss Mai called. As a veteran manager, she knew the best way to make the most out of it for Yan Qingsi. She had the exact same thoughts as Yan Qingsi did.

Through her studio’s official Weibo account, she posted an official status to briefly express her stand in pressing charges against those who spread the rumors.

The post comprised of two dry sentences. There was nothing in them that could potentially form a target for the public to attack. After that, the entire situation would be left to brew for a day, and once public dissent reached its peak, another piece of hot news would be fed to them.

To Yan Qingsi’s surprise, one of the reporters who witnessed everything and was present that day posted a long status.

‘I really, really do not like Yan Qingsi, but I do not want the truth to be buried, and I do not want the public to be deceived. I was there that night. This clip has been edited. Yan Qingsi never said that in the first place. The recording I made was taken away, and I have no evidence to prove what I’m saying is the truth. However, I believe that the truth will come out someday. There are people who not only lack the conscience required of a reporter, but they even lost sense of the moral baseline that every person should have.’

Posts in staunch defense of Yan Qingsi were usually cried out and posted only by Yan Qingsi’s fans. Amongst the omnipresent insults against her, her fans were too feeble. They might have tried explaining it to everyone, but no one would believe them. Most people were more open to believing everything at face value. They would think that the reporter, who had no recording of the incident, was bribed by Yan Qingsi, adding yet another criminal accusation against her.

As Weibo flooded with intense hatred toward Yan Qingsi, Qin Jingzhi and Jin Xuechu were forced into the spotlight yet again.

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