Chapter 605 - Let Me Be the Only Person to Know How Handsome You Are

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Chapter 605: Let Me Be the Only Person to Know How Handsome You Are

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The reason both Jin Xuechu and Qin Jingzhi attended a press conference was for a trademark brand name.

One of them had just finished shooting a film with Yan Qingsi and even liked one of Yan Qingsi’s exculpatory posts during that tumultuous time. Meanwhile, the other was once embroiled in a steamy scandal with Yan Qingsi. Reporters, therefore, would not let go of them so easily.

With both men present there, the reporters seized the chance to ask, “May I ask God Xue and Movie King Qin, as people who have worked with Yan Qingsi in the past, what do you think of the viral news?”

If any other person were put in their shoes, it would be too late to dodge it. Perhaps they might beat around the bush and evade those reporters like a Taiji practitioner.

Being seasoned figures of the entertainment circle, they already knew how to answer the question. Both their managers repeatedly used their glances to hint at the two of them.

However, both of them did not look at their agents. At first glance, both men seemed to be wondering who should go first.

Jin Xuechu started off by holding the microphone and saying, “I don’t have any opinion on this. It has nothing to do with me, but…Yan Qingsi is my ideal type, and that won’t change. If she really does trade favors so easily, I wouldn’t be single now.”

The reporters began flaring up. Jin Xuechu was openly absolving Yan Qingsi of everything. Did the two of them have an affair?

When it was Qin Jingzhi’s turn, his remarks were simple too, “The Yan Qingsi I know is a very good actress. She’s professional and has superb acting skills. A great future awaits her. I’ve already invited her to be the female lead in my next movie, and I hope we can work together again very soon. Thank you all.”

With one stating his intention to continue pursuing her and the other eager to collaborate with her in the future, their determination to support Yan Qingsi led everyone to think about the female reporter’s blog post. This was due to the men being influential figures within the entertainment circle. It made people wonder if Yan Qingsi was really the victim of slander.

The situation continued to simmer, and at noon the next day, a few media outlets, as well as some verified online commercial accounts, simultaneously posted a long video. It was the complete recording of Yan Qingsi’s interview at the hotel entrance.

Once the truth was laid bare in front of the public, everyone was stunned.

Those who were most brutal in their criticism of Yan Qingsi blinked their eyes in disbelief.

Fans of hers who distanced themselves came back to her again, complete with the hashtag ‘#imsorrygoddess.’

At the same time, there were similar hash-tagged topics such as ‘#myheartachesforQingsi’ and ‘#thewholeworldowesQingsianapology.’

The tone and direction changed in an instant within Yan Qingsi’s microblog.

[F*ck, of all the things I’ve thought of before, I never imagined that Yan Qingsi was like this. I wanna fangirl.]

[I’m gonna go and eat some sh*t now, and after I’m done, I’m going to be a part of the Qingsies, and I’ll be in your care.]

[My goddess is bold; my goddess is fierce; my goddess…why does she have a man? I’m going to cry myself to death.]

[F*ck, can we have someone else please? Makes me wanna puke to see you on top of the hot searches every day, but…you were really bold.]

Such was human nature. People were easily incited, but when they finally realized the mistake they made, their hatred, now intensified, would be shifted towards the person who caused them to make that mistake.

Everyone was apologizing to Yan Qingsi, and after doing so, they attacked and exposed the account owner who shared the edited version of the recording.

Many days passed with Yan Qingsi being silent on Weibo, but finally, there was some movement.

Without saying anything, she posted a photo of herself standing on Yue Tingfeng’s feet and kissing him, though his face was obstructed from view.

Yue Tingfeng looked at the photo and frowned, saying, “I’m not handsome in that position.”

Yan Qingsi titled his chin and kissed him. “Let me be the only person to know how handsome you are. Anyone else who sees you will want to fight me to get you.”

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