Chapter 606 - Telling the Entire World That I’m In A Relationship

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Chapter 606: Telling the Entire World That I’m In A Relationship

Yue Tingfeng’s mood soared up immediately. He hugged Yan Qingsi and said, “I’ll be yours forever. No one can take me away from you, not even myself.”

In the past, Yan Qingsi was reluctant to say such things and fawn over Yue Tingfeng, but as her mind began to think differently, she began noticing that some of the things she said could make Yue Tingfeng happy. Slowly, she began to discover that it was a good thing.

Yue Tingfeng hugged Yan Qingsi and asked, “When will you take a front-facing photo with me?”

“When I get an award for being the best actress.”

Yue Tingfeng then let go of her abruptly before reaching for his phone.

Yan Qingsi asked, “What are you doing?”

“Making calls. I’ll invest in a couple more movies so you can quickly get your award.”

Stunned, Yan Qingsi laughed so hard that her tears nearly flowed out.

Before Yue Tingfeng even made it to his first call, Mrs. Yue’s call came ringing.

Barely seconds after answering, Yue Tingfeng was not able to get in a word as Mrs. Yue began shrieking in delight, “MY SON! Your status has finally raised! Ma’s too excited…oh dear, I can’t take it, I can’t take it…I’m so excited that I’m going to pass out…”

Yue Tingfeng flicked his hair. “Ma, do you have to exaggerate? I’ve already told you how amazing your son is. No one dislikes me.”

“Alright, alright, enough with that, and don’t be so cocky. You’re secretly rejoicing in your heart, aren’t you? Can’t believe Qingsi wants you when you’re like that. I’d have to thank the earth and sky. Don’t be so arrogant that you forget who you are. You’ve only just been acknowledged, and you haven’t even married her yet. It’s still too soon to tell.”


‘Could you please not demotivate your son? It’s hard enough for her to acknowledge me, is it that hard for you to say a few words of encouragement?’ thought Yue Tingfeng to himself.

Ignoring Yue Tingfeng completely, she continued rambling on, “Agh, why is our Qingsi so charming? So charming, so charming…”

Yue Tingfeng facepalmed. He was beginning to feel that his own mother could potentially be Yan Qingsi’s fangirl.

“Ah, that’s it for now. My parents—your grandparents—are coming now. I’ll let them see how charming Qingsi is…”

Without even waiting for Yue Tingfeng to say anything, Mrs. Yue hung up.

Yue Tingfeng shook his head and smiled. “Your future mother-in-law is already your fangirl.”

Yan Qingsi looked up, smiling. “I’m also Auntie’s fangirl.”

While scrolling through Weibo, the comments section under the photo she just posted was filled with a river of tears.

[My goddess tortured single dogs[1] after my words hurt her, is this punishment for the short time I stopped being her fan?]

[In this world there’s an actress, others curse at her like a dog, then she turns around and tortures single dogs]

[Can someone tell me who that man who saved my whole world is? Why did my formidable and strong goddess be with you?]

In such a short time, Yan Qingsi was able to successfully change her fortunes. She was previously vilified to an extreme extent, but even more of her fans were pooling up and surrounding her.

She suffered a slew of terrible attacks, but when the truth came to light, she simply kept mum. She did not mention about being wronged nor did not ask for compassion, but instead, she stubbornly posted a photo to torture all those single dogs, telling the entire world—’I’m in a relationship.’

Such actions led many neutrals to think well of her.

Along with Qin Jingzhi’s and Jin Xuechu’s help in spreading the recording, other famous artists too pitched in and helped to spread it. Besides, they strongly condemned the actions of the unconscionable media in faking the earlier clip.

Amongst those celebrities was someone that Yan Qingsi was shocked to see—Song Qingyan.

Yan Qingsi was confused. Why?

That would amount to going against the cast and crew. Were his actions something that the cast and crew wanted, or was it done under his own volition?

[1] 虐狗 – translated literally as ‘torturing single dogs,’ it is common web lingo that describes any action of showing-off one’s relationship to single people. The phrase stemmed from 单身狗, which means ‘single dog’ or ‘lonely dog’ in reference to single people, and 虐待, which means ‘to torture.’

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