Chapter 607 - Going to Meet My Future Mother-in-Law

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Chapter 607: Going to Meet My Future Mother-in-Law

Yue Tingfeng hugged Yan Qingsi. “From today onwards, I won’t ever let you be slandered in the entertainment industry. I’ll clear your name.”

Yan Qingsi patted his head as a reward. “Sounds good.”

“In that case, post a photo of us once a week.”

Yan Qingsi asked half-smilingly, “You want to torment single people once a week?”

“Yup…” Yue Tingfeng answered.

Yan Qingsi could already imagine how her microblog would look like in the future.

Her attempt at vindicating herself was only partially successful. At that point, she was only able to clear her name of the accusations that she exchanged sex for roles. The allegations of assault were not yet cleared, but it had been overrun by chaos erupting from the news of her trading sex.

Some people commented, ‘The news of her trading sex is all clarified now, but what about the assault? She can’t just be let off the hook with that, right? This still doesn’t change the fact that Yan Qingsi has no moral compass.’

Yue Tingfeng waited till the time was right before giving Su Zhen a call. Almost immediately, the peaceful official account of Hai City uploaded a voice recording along with a caption, ‘Regarding allegations that Yan Qingsi committed assault, investigations revealed that it was true. Nevertheless, there was a valid reason for that, as both parties were at fault here. This issue involves private matters between the parties; thus, it is inappropriate to divulge further information regarding this. Both parties have already arranged for a private settlement.’

The entire recording began with Zeng Yingying badmouthing Yan Qingsi and ended with Yan Qingsi barging in.

Right or wrong was laid bare for everyone to judge.

Anyone who had a decent amount of logic would be able to differentiate right from wrong. Finally, there was a proper explanation for Yan Qingsi’s assault.

‘#thewholeworldowesQingsianapology’ made the headlines once more.

‘Put down that green tea b*tch, I’ll hit her for you.’

‘Motherf*cker, I’ll buy some eggs and egg that green tea b*tch.’

‘I didn’t know it was like that. I’m sorry for my ignorance and stupidity. My heart is breaking for Yan Qingsi, and I won’t say anything ever again. She will forever be my goddess.’

Zeng Yingying’s Weibo then became the subject of abuse, and no matter how many posts her agent uploaded, it was all in vain. The backlash they were receiving would be proportionate to the amount of sympathy they had earlier gained. Yan Qingsi came out the sole victor after weathering through and overcoming the libel against her.

After the entire ordeal, everyone could not help but lament, ‘Oh, Yan Qingsi’s actually a pretty good person, she’s aggressive in an adorable way. She’s proud, and she’s unconventional.’

When evening came, Yan Qingsi and Yue Tingfeng walked out of the hotel with each other.

As they walked out, they allowed themselves to be surrounded by reporters. They did not demand information too intensely like last time, and it was clear that their attitude was much milder than before. Most importantly, they were more than excited to see Yue Tingfeng, who was standing beside her with a mask covering his face.

“Miss Yan…may, I ask what your thoughts regarding all the scurrilous attacks are?”

Yan Qingsi retorted, “How would you feel if you were bitten by a dog?”

“Miss Yan, may I ask what methods you would go through to solve the issue between yourself and Zeng Yingying?”

Yan Qingsi answered, “The industry isn’t big enough for the both of us.”

Everyone gasped. That…Yan Qingsi never learned how to be civil with reporters.

“Miss Yan, is this your boyfriend?”

Yan Qingsi placed her arm around Yue Tingfeng’s waist. “Yeah…”

“When will you allow us to know his real identity?”

Yue Tingfeng covered Yan Qingsi’s mouth and said, “When her name is inked in my household register booklet.”

“Then, can you divulge where both of you are heading?”

Yan Qingsi looked up at Yue Tingfeng and smiled charmingly, beaming like the sun, saying, “To meet my future mother-in-law.”

Mama Yue: Oh, dear, my status will be elevated soon. I’m so touched! Qingsi, Qingsi, I’m your fangirl.

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