Chapter 608 - Help Me Get This Woman

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Chapter 608: Help Me Get This Woman

The reporters were all (⊙o⊙)[1]. Yan Qingsi was the kind of celebrity that caught people off guard with the most unexpected of pleasant surprises.

Going to meet her future mother-in-law would only mean that the couple had already progressed to such an extent. My oh my, she was probably the only actress who got married after just starting in her career.

Amidst the gasps of shocks, Yan Qingsi wore her glasses, held Yue Tingfeng’s hand, and navigated through the sea of people.

Yue Tingfeng watched as the petite Yan Qingsi raised her head high and cocked her chin so proudly. She never feared anything, regardless of how challenging the circumstances were.

Being with her made him feel as though the roles were reversed.

Nevertheless, he did not loathe it. Instead, he felt even more attracted to Yan Qingsi that way.

The weather was hot, and their palms were sweaty when they held hands. Neither of them, however, were willing to let go of each other.

Walking past the crowd, Yue Tingfeng opened the car door for Yan Qingsi to get in.

Before getting into the car, Yan Qingsi remembered something. She turned and said, “If you take pictures of me and my boyfriend’s face happens to be in the shot, please censor out his face. Thanks.”

The expression under Yue Tingfeng’s mask was simply…simply…

He gritted his teeth and stuffed her into the car, saying, “Why are you all taking pictures for? It’ll be censored anyway.”

In the end, the reporters began clicking away rapidly.

Yue Tingfeng got into the car angrily, slamming his foot on the accelerator and leaving the hotel.

Another car was parked at the hotel. You Xi was at the wheel, while Ye Shaoguang was sitting at the passenger seat.

The two of them stared at Yan Qingsi, coming out with Yue Tingfeng.

You Xi’s face was wholly unaccepting. “Yan Qingsi really got together with Yue Tingfeng.”

Ye Shaoguang kept quiet. Red streaks abounded in his eyes, and he looked fatigued. At the same time, he looked hostile, as if he was trying to repress something.

You Xi did not sense anything wrong with Ye Shaoguang and remarked, “Tsk, Yue Tingfeng’s got plenty of luck with women. Yan Qingsi, that beauty, really makes one feel eager and impatient.”

He rubbed his chin while he drooled with lustful eyes.

He mumbled to himself, “I really want to know how this woman tastes like.”

Though there were countless women he could chase, Yan Qingsi was the one person that he could not succeed in getting. She was practically becoming his bane.

He elbowed Ye Shaoguang’s arm and asked, “Shaoguang, I know you’re smart. Help me get this woman, and I’ll promise to owe you ten favors.”

Ye Shaoguang answered without even looking up. “I don’t have time for that.”

You Xi turned around and looked at Ye Shaoguang in surprise. “I agree to owe you ten favors. You do not even agree with me on this? What are you thinking about?”

You Xi finally noticed that something was off with Ye Shaoguang. Ever since the former went to the latter’s room, got knocked out, and woke up from that, Ye Shaoguang began to act weirdly.

“Sigh, Shaoguang, who’s the woman in your room the other day? She was even brave enough to knock me out. I’m still waiting for you to deal with her.”

“Let’s go. Your mom said that you must come home tonight, right? You’re still not going?”

You Xi rubbed his chin. “Tsk. Say, you haven’t been sleeping well the past two nights, have you?”

Ye Shaoguang opened his eyes and looked at You Xi without saying a single word. His face was pale and emotionless while his eyes were bloodshot.

You Xi dreaded the way Ye Shaoguang looked at him. When the two first met, he hated Ye Shaoguang with a passion. The man looked more beautiful than a woman. The first time they met, You Xi even went up to Ye Shaoguang and hit on him, intending to bed him.

[1] The author used those exact symbols to portray the reporters’ shock, so for the sake of faithfulness to the raw, it seems best to reproduce it here.

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