Chapter 609 - Their Relationship Isn’t Pure

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Chapter 609: Their Relationship Isn’t Pure

In the end, Ye Shaoguang gave You Xi a hard time, of course. Later on, You Xi tried to get back at Ye Shaoguang, but Ye Shaoguang always dealt with him easily.

After countless occasions of being straightened out, You Xi slowly began to realize that he was no match for Ye Shaoguang. Since that was the case, he was better off admitting his fear of Ye Shaoguang.

As time went by, the two of them slowly became friends, but even so, there were instances when You Xi was afraid to provoke Ye Shaoguang.

You Xi lifted his hand and nodded. “Okay, okay. Treat it as though I never said anything. We’ll go back, we’ll go back…”

He started the car and was about to leave, but as he turned halfway, You Xi remarked casually, “Ayyyyyyy, aren’t those two of Yan Qingsi’s assistants? That little girl’s body looks good. With a baby face and huge ol’ titties…she’s…impressive.”

Ye Shaoguang looked over.

Ji Mianmian and Lil’ Xu came out together from the hotel, all smiles and chatting with each other. They no longer had to worry or stay in hiding, since Yan Qingsi’s issues had been satisfactorily resolved. The two of them decided to have a proper celebration.

Ye Shaoguang narrowed his eyes. Ji Mianmian and Lil’ Xu seemed familiar with each other, and one look was all it took to realize that they had known each other for many years.

Their topic of conversation was unknown, but Lil’ Xu stretched his head to rub Ji Mianmian’s head.

Ji Mianmian did not evade it, and instead, her smile became even more resplendent. She even reached out to pat Lil’ Xu’s shoulder. Their actions were so intimate that it was too hard a sight to bear for Ye Shaoguang.

Lil’ Xu hailed a cab. He opened the door before shielding Ji Mianmian’s head and letting her go in first.

Ye Shaoguang’s fingers touched the car window while his eyes narrowed.

You Xi sported an ambiguous expression, and in busybody fashion, he said, “Ayyyy, are Yan Qingsi’s two assistants sleeping with each other? Why do I get the feeling that their relationship isn’t pure?”

All of a sudden, Ye Shaoguang spoke, “Oh yes, help me get something from the trunk.”

You Xi was shocked. “What’s that?”

“It’s at the back. You’ll know when you open it.”

“Sigh, why don’t I know that your belongings are in the trunk of my car?” A doubtful You Xi got off the car.

Just as he walked to the rear of the car, he noticed that the car was starting to move. Then, it was slowly driven away.

You Xi was discombobulated. His own car had been driven away.

A few seconds later, Ye Shaoguang drove the car back, although You Xi still had not regained his senses.

The window rolled down, and something was tossed out. You Xi reacted quickly to catch it, and it turned out to be his phone. The phone was even ringing, with the caller being his mother.

Ye Shaoguang spat out a sentence, “I remembered I have something to do. Lend me your car.”

Then, Ye Shaoguang drove off once more.

You Xi gradually began to sober up from his stupor, cursing, “HEY! What do you f*cking mean you have something to do? I’m waiting to be driven back home! YE SHAOGUANG, COME BACK!”

Back in Yue Tingfeng’s car, he kept quiet, vowing to himself that he would not take the initiative to interact with Yan Qingsi.

As the car engine started, Yan Qingsi asked, “This car. You drove it out on purpose, right?”

Yue Tingfeng took off his mask, tossed it away, and huffed. ‘Since you’re the one who started the conversation, I’ll reluctantly answer your question.’

Lifting his chin high, he said proudly, “Why yes, of course. I have to let everyone know that Yan Qingsi’s man is not some poor c*nt, but someone who can provide for her.”

Yan Qingsi could not help but giggle. Once the reporters posted the picture, there would definitely be people who would scrutinize Yue Tingfeng down to each and every strand of his hair. When the time comes, his clothes, his watch, his car, will be revealed entirely…

She wondered how lively the trending searches and headlines would be once the time came…

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