Chapter 61 - Could Not Bear To Dispose Of Her

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Chapter 61: Could Not Bear To Dispose Of Her

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Elsewhere, Jiang Lai knocked on the CEO’s office door and walked in cautiously. “CEO Yue, everything’s done. Jin Xuechu’s MV stopped filming just moments after they started.”

Yue Tingfeng twirled a coin in his hand. His smile was beautifully sinister.

His lips were thin, red, and had an elegant charm. “So that’s why she dared to stand me up. I thought, maybe she was suddenly enlightened on the meaning of the word ‘integrity’, but as it turns out, she’s just found a new player. I never thought that she’d have the skills to get involved with Jin Xuechu just days after returning to the country.”

Jiang Lai listened quietly.

At those kinds of moments, shutting up was the best course of action.

When Yue Tingfeng finished speaking, Jiang Lai clenched his teeth and asked, “CEO Yue, if Jin Xuechu can’t film indoors, then he might switch to shooting outdoors.”

Yue Tingfeng shot him a brief glance, making him tremble.

“Did I ask you that?”

Jiang Lai shook his head immediately.

Yue Tingfeng slapped the coin audibly onto the table. “I don’t want him to ever film again.”

Jiang Lai became anxious. “CEO Yue, Jin Xuechu is backed by two large companies, Golden Universe and Universal Entertainment. He’s also the shareholder for both companies. If you do that… It won’t be too nice.”

Yue Tingfeng nodded earnestly. “Yes, it won’t be nice at all!”

Before Jiang Lai could even breathe a sigh of relief, Yue Tingfeng said, “Tell Qu Jing to put Golden Universe and Universal Entertainment as our targets for acquisitions this year.”

Jiang Lai nearly fell.

‘Boss, can you not be so ruthless?’

“Yes, I will tell General Manager Qu immediately.”

Jiang Lai did not have the mettle to continue giving advice, so he ran to do what he was told. He did not wish to stay there for a second longer.

Ten minutes later, the phone on Yue Tingfeng’s desk began ringing. He picked it up and said, “Yes?”

A man’s voice rang through the phone. “What’s going on, Big Boss? Didn’t you say we won’t be expanding into the entertainment industry this year?”

Yue Tingfeng’s right hand was twirling a pen slowly. “I feel like doing it now.”


Silence from the other end.

Yue Tingfeng asked, “Any more questions?”

“Not at all… No questions. I’m very much OK with it. Then… I’ll get someone to lay out an acquisition plan.”

After hanging up, Qu Jing immediately turned to Jiang Lai, who was sitting on the opposite of Qu Jing’s work desk.

“What’s going on actually? Who angered our young master? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him this angry.”

Jiang Lai sighed. “Someone left him hanging.”

Qu Jing’s eyes opened wide. “Oh f*ck, who it this brave fella? Digging his own grave.”

Part of Qu Jing’s lineage was from Country M—a quarter, to be exact—so the outline of his eyes was very charismatic. His facial features were quite perfect too and as a result, he was undeniably handsome. When he blinked so suddenly, he looked like an incredibly startled, exotic shorthair cat.

Jiang Lai replied slowly, “It’s a woman.”

Qu Jing pursed his lips. “Has she been fed to the fishes in the moat?”

Jiang Lai shook his head. “No. She’s still alive, living better than us even.”

“How?” Qu Jing slammed his desk. “That’s impossible! I’ve known him for so many years. It never ends well for those who make him angry. I’m an example of this, and until now, I’ve never seen anyone being excepted.”

“This is that one exception.”

“On what grounds? Who is that woman? I’d like to know how f*cking good she really is. Not only is Yue Tingfeng not angry, she even got him to back off.”

“I guess… He just can’t bear it.”

Qu Jing thought, ‘What do you mean?’

Jiang Lai got up and said. “I should be getting back to dealing with some other things. Be careful these few days.”

It was only after Jiang Lai left that Qu Jing finally understood, albeit vaguely.

When Jiang Lai said that CEO Yue could not bear it, he probably meant…that Yue Tingfeng could not bear to dispose of that woman. The only thing he could do was direct that anger to others and let them suffer instead.

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