Chapter 610 - Looking at My Handsome Man

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Chapter 610: Looking at My Handsome Man

Yan Qingsi chuckled. Yue Tingfeng, what a slick guy. No wonder he insisted on changing clothes before getting out of the door. Tsk, tsk…

He really went the extra mile to make headlines and put in the effort to be at the top of the search bar, craving for attention all the time.

Yan Qingsi stole a glance at Yue Tingfeng. He had his shades and face mask on just then, which almost covered up his entire face, but… he still looked incredibly handsome!

‘Like this, no one would be able to figure him out, right?

‘Hmm, please do not figure out who he is,’ as Yan Qingsi thought to herself.

Yue Tingfeng pouted his lips. “What are you looking at? What’s so nice to see? My face will be pixelated anyway.”

Yan Qingsi had a wider grin. This guy was still angry at what she said just now.

Yan Qingsi cupped her chin and reached out to caress Yue Tingfeng’s face. “Looking at my handsome man. Why? Can’t I look?”

All at once, Yue Tingfeng’s heart softened, but he still put up a straight face and hummed. “Who would notice that I’m handsome since my face would be pixelated?”

Yan Qingsi giggled. “I noticed… even more handsome in bed.”

The corner of Yue Tingfeng’s lips could not hold it and let out a smile, but it became tight again very quickly. “Don’t chat me up. I won’t respond to your teases. Do you think I’m a person without principles?”

Just as he finished, he felt warmth on his cheek- he was kissed.

Yue Tingfeng’s hands quivered for a moment. His heart melted right away. His face tensed up as he said, “Go away. I’m driving. You might want to die, but I don’t.”

Yan Qingsi pulled a long face and replied, “I want to die together with you.”

This conversation… Yue Tingfeng felt that it was familiar. D*mn, he could not even think of a reply.

Finally, Yue Tingfeng could not hold it any longer and said, “Ok, go on and just look at me as you wish. Look at me however you want, 360 degrees, dressed, undressed, anytime, as long as you want.”

“I’m looking at you now.”

“Yea, look on!”

Yan Qingsi was teasing Yue Tingfeng all the way until they have arrived at the hospital. Mrs. Yue’s condition was getting better day by day, and the doctor said that she could possibly be discharged after two days.

Mrs. Yue gave Yan Qingsi a bear hug.

Yan Qingsi reminded her quickly, “Auntie, be careful of your wound.”

Mrs. Yue reached out her hand to pinch Yan Qingsi on the cheek. She said, “Sigh, I’m alright. I’m good, in fact. Qingsi, you’re so cool. I can’t wait for you to call me mother-in-law.”

Yan Qingsi blushed.

“Auntie, I… I was put in a difficult situation just then.”

“Qingsi, you did well. That’s how you should have said it.” Mrs. Yue totally adored Yan Qingsi. She saw Yan Qingsi as flawless.

Mrs. Yue thought that ever since her son was born until then, the only thing he did right was to have met Yan Qingsi and hooked up with her.

Mrs. Yue thought she was dumb not to like her at the beginning. She was such a good lady.

That day, looking at the video, listening to what Yan Qingsi said from the beginning till the end, Mrs. Yue was very thrilled.

She had never seen any woman as cool as Yan Qingsi, all her life.

You never know what she was going to do the next moment. She was full of surprises.

Yue Tingfeng pulled Mrs. Yue off from Yan Qingsi. “Mom, are grandpa and grandma here?”

“No, it was such a small matter. Lil’ Three and Lil’ Five were here to accompany me. When you both arrived, I told them to go back.”

Mrs. Yue finished what she was saying and reached out to grab Yan Qingsi again.

‘Clear skies after the rain’ was indeed a beautiful and appropriate phrase to describe the situation Yan Qingsi was in.

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