Chapter 611 - The World Most Dejected Boyfriend

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Chapter 611: The World Most Dejected Boyfriend

The dark clouds hovering over her head for days had finally cleared off. The dirt to her name was slowly being washed away, gradually revealing her original glow.

Yan Qingsi’s name was smeared again and again and yet she got out of the ignominy in one go.

She did not know if that was a successful counterattack, nor did she know what would happen in the future.

However… in the entertainment industry, it would never be a smooth sailing journey and it would never be peaceful. Her journey has just started.

Yan Qingsi looked at both Mrs. Yue’s smiley face and Yue Tingfeng’s good looking face, she felt very much at peace.

Back then when she was single and lonely, she had always thought that when one is without concern and worry, then, one could be fearless and one’s greatest strength could be unleashed.

Now she knows… when one has someone that they really care for, when they want to protect their loved ones, then one would be empowered with a steady stream of energy and strength.

She was lucky that after all, God did not take away everything from her life and left her with absolute desperation towards the world.

Before her heart was completely devoured by hatred and darkness, she finally saw a ray of light and her faith was redeemed.

Yan Qingsi thought that the hot news about Yue Tingfeng would be up the next day but instead, it was up at nine in the evening.

The trending hashtags were hilarious. Yan Qingsi was in a fit of laughter when she saw them.

[#The Most Dejected Boyfriend in History]

[#Censor My Boyfriend’s Face]

What the hell were these?

Yan Qingsi looked at the published photos. The reporters were indeed obedient. Yue Tingfeng’s faces were censored.

Holding onto her phone, Yan Qingsi leaned back into Yue Tingfeng’s arm.

Yue Tingfeng pushed Yan Qingsi away as he said coldly, “Go away. I don’t know you.”

Yan Qingsi hitched herself closer. “It doesn’t matter. Even if your face was censored, I still recognize you!”

Yue Tingfeng was pissed and he ignored Yan Qingsi.

Mrs. Yue looked on with a disgusted face. “Son, what a shame you are. I too, am embarrassed…”

Yue Tingfeng was all ready for the people to expose his identity and wealth. He thought even if he could not show off his handsome face… he could at least showed off his wealth.

However… all the netizens cared for was the line Yan Qingsi said- censor my boyfriend’s face.

A group of people commented on Yan Qingsi’s page. They were all amused by their goddess’s cute acts.

[My goddess- tall, cool and cute. What if I want to bear you a monkey [1]kid?]

[How could[2] my goddess be so handsome and cute? I’m your boyfriend. My face is censored.]

[Is it just me who thinks that my goddess’s boyfriend is so miserable?]

[Uh- oh, I’ve caught the disease [3]whereby I’d die if Yan Qingsi doesn’t turn me into a lesbian. There’s no cure.]

Yan Qingsi’s comment area was lively but Jin Xuechu’s page caught even more attention. All of the netizens were telling him that- [Xue God, your ideal girlfriend is taken!]

A group of people were scrolling through the feed and replying to all the comments [4][4]. Some even went through tens of thousands of comments.

At last, Jin Xuechu reluctantly replied a line, [Can I peacefully have my dog meal[5]?]

When Yan Qingsi saw Jin Xuechu’s Weibo, her lips raised. No matter what, one could definitely see that person’s true colors when one is at their lowest point.

Jin Xuechu, Qin Jingzhi and also Song Qingyan helped her this time.

Yan Qingsi sent a thank you message on WeChat to them, one by one.

She did not go for more, just two simple words ‘thank you’ were enough.

In the future, if she could be of any help to them, she would definitely not decline it.

On the other hand, that very same night, Beauty’s Rival in Palace took advantage of Yan Qingsi’s popularity to release the first teaser trailer. It was captivating and received many good reviews.

[1] 生猴子 – The Chinese lunar calendar has twelve animal zodiacs in a cycle. Each year in the cycle is represented by a type of animal. 生猴子 meant having a kid that is born in the year of Monkey. Over here, it could be a statement made by Yan Qingsi’s female fans that adore her very much. See the translator’s note [3].

[2] 肿么 – It means how could as in 怎么. This is a popular internet language- homophony.

[3] 掰弯 – It means to turn a straight person gay/ lesbian.

[4] 刷楼 – It means making useless replies to the comments on a post. Most of the time, the replies were the same or repetitive. It was usually done to promote something.

[5] 一顿狗粮 – Normally, single people are called ‘single dogs’ (单身狗). So when loving couples are showing off in front of single people, the ‘single dogs’ are said to be fed a doggy meal.

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