Chapter 612 - Qingsi, Sleep With Me Tonight

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Chapter 612: Qingsi, Sleep With Me Tonight

It was a TV show with a huge investment and production team. It was smothered with attention from many parties since the very beginning of the shoot. Besides, there was an accident in the middle of the shoot. On top of that, one of the starring roles, Yan Qingsi was involved in scandals every so often, making many people curious if she could produce a good act.

The frequency of Yan Qingsi’s appearance in the teaser trailer was only second to the male lead actor, which was almost the same as the female lead.

Yan Qingsi’s good acting skill as mentioned by Qin Jingzhi was confirmed in the short teaser trailer.

The fans of Yan Qingsi were elated. They used to be attacked and trolled in social media, ‘living’ under distress in the internet world, but now they felt a sense of great relief.

[Sit back and watch those people who called my goddess a vase [1] being slapped in the face]

[Who dares to call my goddess a vase? Have any of you seen such a venomous vase?]

[D*mn it, my cheeks hurt, but I would still insist on calling her a vase. I want to wait for the full episodes of the show.]

Someone went to the Beauty’s Rival in Palace’s director’s Weibo and asked if Yan Qingsi was disrespectful and acted like a stuck up on the film set.

Surprisingly, the director replied. [Very dedicated. Highly professional. Never came late. Shows great respect to me. Are these the qualities of a stuck up?]

Yan Qingsi’s fan cropped out the director’s reply into a picture and uploaded it to the official Weibo page of their support group. Thereafter, the fans that were responsible for publicity in the support group launched attacks at The Scent of Her official Weibo, replying to the comments underneath all of the posts to disseminate the news.

[Did you see it? My Qingsi was not stuck up and disrespectful to the director. Regarding the reasons behind this incident, we would like to hear the explanation from the crew. Why did you guys bully my Qingsi?]

Her heart was inexplicably touched when Yan Qingsi saw the effort that her fans put in. The emotions were just like her not knowing how someone could love her so much without seeing her in person before.

They thought that she was good and perfect, but… in fact, she was not good at all.

She glanced over at Mrs. Yue. She too wondered why Mrs. Yue could like and trust her unconditionally.

Mrs. Yue was filled with excitement as she watched the teaser trailer of Beauty’s Rival in Palace. Once she was done with it, she chucked her phone aside and groaned, “I feel like watching all the episodes now. Qingsi, what do I do? I really want to watch them all.”

Mrs. Yue was like a kid, scratching the palm of Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi asked nervously, “Auntie Yue, how was my acting?”

Mrs. Yue nodded sharply. “Excellent, you did really well… Qingsi, you looked stunning in the ancient costumes. I have never seen any other female celebrities look better than you in those costumes.”

Yan Qingsi looked sensational in Beauty’s Rival in Palace. Her appearance was lavish, noble, exceptionally beautiful and yet with an air of savage. Her makeup and costumes plus her unapologetic arrogance in the act made it hard for people to draw attention away from her.

Yan Qingsi scratched her head and said shyly, “I did not think that I was that good.”

Mrs. Yue caressed her face. “Silly child, perhaps you have never noticed your own good, but we all knew about it.”

Yue Tingfeng entered the room and saw the affection between them, the corner of his mouth twitched.

He felt like saying ‘Ma, can you not simply touch my wife?’

The pixelated guy was in a bad mood. Seeing that, he felt even worse.

He was thinking of cuddling Yan Qingsi at night for comfort but…

Mrs. Yue beckoned to Yan Qingsi. “Qingsi, Qingsi, come sleep with me tonight…”

Yan Qingsi wanted to sleep with Mrs. Yue too but thought of her wound. “But, what about your wound…”

[1] 花瓶- A vase is being used to describe a beautiful lady who is without any substance but only good to be admired as an intricate piece of ornament.

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