Chapter 613 - Can You Please Don’t Fight With Me for My Wife?

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Chapter 613: Can You Please Don’t Fight With Me for My Wife?

“It’s ok. It doesn’t hurt anymore. We are both not fat and he fits just nice on the single bed. If you sleep with Tingfeng, it would be too crowded. He is a one-meter eighty-ish big fella that could not even fit properly in that small bed.”

Yan Qingsi nodded in agreement. “Alright, let me go wash up first.”

As Yan Qingsi walked away, Yue Tingfeng sat down across Mrs. Yue with his darkened face. He said, “Mrs. Yue, I think the both of us need to talk.”

Mrs. Yue blinked rapidly. “But I don’t think that there is anything that we need to talk about. It’s really late now, let’s talk tomorrow.”

Yue Tingfeng gritted his teeth and said, “Ma, don’t play dumb.”

Mrs. Yue had an innocent look on her face. “You always say I don’t carry my brain along when I’m out. How can a mindless person like me do something as difficult as playing dumb?”

Yue Tingfeng took a deep breath. “Ma… can you please not take my wife away from me?”

Mrs. Yue felt deeply wronged by his accusation and Yue Tingfeng just would not let her off.

“I did not fight with you for her. She agreed to sleep with me. Besides… Qingsi is not yet your wife. You should head off now.”

Yue Tingfeng threatened her by saying, “Mrs. Yue, do you not want any pocket money next month?”

Mrs. Yue folded her arms and turned her head away. “Hmm, did you just use the pocket money to threaten me? What an unfilial son you are. I would not give in. I don’t need your pocket money. I have money of my own.”

Yue Tingfeng went speechless suddenly. He forgot that his grandparents were here. The two of them were filthy rich. Of course, they would have given his mother a lot of money on this trip.

Seeing that he would not succeed by threatening, Yue Tingfeng practically threw himself on his mother and begged in a barefaced shameless manner. He called out in his piteous, long voice, “Ma…”

Mrs. Yue pushed away his head. “Aren’t you ashamed to be pleading with me at this age? If Qingsi sees you like that when she comes out, would she still want you?”

Yue Tingfeng snapped bluntly, “You’re my mother, can’t you put yourself in my shoes and think for me…?”

Mrs. Yue rolled her eyes. “You just called me Mrs. Yue. I am not your mother!”


Yan Qingsi came out and noticed that both Mrs. Yue and Yue Tingfeng were not looking good, so she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Mrs. Yue signaled to Yan Qingsi. “Nothing. Qingsi, come over. Quick, let’s rest.”

Yan Qingsi walked over and saw Yue Tingfeng stared at her with his resentful face.

She was puzzled.

Mrs. Yue chatted all night with Yan Qingsi until twelve in the morning. She only fell asleep after she could not hold it any longer. Yue Tingfeng laid in the bed next to them alone, counting the time.

After Mrs. Yue fell into a deep sleep, Yue Tingfeng got up and got out of the bed barefooted and lifted Yan Qingsi in his arms.

Yan Qingsi was still awake. She was startled by his act and exclaimed. However, before her voice could escape from her mouth, Yue Tingfeng dived down to kiss her and swallowed all her voice.

She wrapped her hands around his neck. Her eyes were shining bright in the dark.

This guy was still awake at this time of the night and got up to carry her back to his bed.

Yue Tingfeng took Yan Qingsi back to his own bed. As soon as they were on the bed, he immediately lowered his body onto hers and they got tangled up. His hands and legs locked her in position as he lowered his head to kiss her gently. With his lips still on hers, he spoke in a low husky voice. “I really missed you a lot. My mom is so old but yet she is so ignorant. How could she take you away from me?”

Yan Qingsi was speechless. “She is your mother. How can you be so childish?”

“I don’t care, you have to be with me… Quick, I’m sad, I’m still angry. You have not comforted me.”

Yan Qingsi chuckled amusingly and kissed him. “Still angry?”

“One is not enough… one more…” Yue Tingfeng said playfully.

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