Chapter 614 - Sneak You Out for a Romantic Night

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Chapter 614: Sneak You Out for a Romantic Night

The room was very dark. Yan Qingsi was very close to Yue Tingfeng and she could see his proud appearance vaguely.

Looking at Yue Tingfeng, gave her a comfortable feeling that she has never experienced before.

“Alright, I’ll kiss once more.” She reached out to hug Yue Tingfeng and leaned forward.

Gradually, she fell in love with the warmth of his body and got used to the lingering breath that was coming from him. Slowly… she accepted someone like him around her.

Once something that was rejected in the past was accepted, she came to realize that he was actually quite good. It was she herself, that was flawed.

If time could be kind to her and allow Yue Tingfeng and her to continue being like this, she thought, she could really enjoy the happiness.

Yue Tingfeng held onto Yan Qingsi tightly. Right then, his mom was around, he could not do anything at all apart from kissing her to satisfy his lips.

He nibbled on her neck lightly. “It’s tormenting…”

After being a vegetarian[1] for many days, Yue Tingfeng was really lustful. Lying in his arms were the delicate body of the woman he loved most.

He was trying hard to restrain himself but… it seemed like nothing was working.

Yan Qingsi stretched out her hand and squeezed him at the waist. “Be good. If you dare to do anything now, I’ll send you off the bed with a kick,” she warned.

Yue Tingfeng pulled himself closer to her. “In that case, you may kick me off the bed.”


Then there were no more.

The bed was so small. Of course… he was off the bed in no time.

Yue Tingfeng had a hand over the side of his head, rubbing it to ease the pain. He climbed up from under the bed in disbelief. “You… you really kicked me off.”

Yan Qingsi laid at the side of the bed with an innocent look on her face. “You told me to kick.”

“Then if I want you to sleep with me now, would you?”

She poked at his head that was still hurting from the fall. “If you go a bit louder, Auntie Yue would know what you have just done.”

Yue Tingfeng took a sharp breath of cold air, deeply in pain…

The hospital bed was not very far off the ground. Yue Tingfeng glared at Yan Qingsi who was smiling mischievously at him and reached out for a tug. He pulled her off the bed and into his embrace.

Yue Tingfeng dived down to bite on the nape of Yan Qingsi’s neck. “Hmph! I’ll sneak you out later to devour you…”

Yan Qingsi exclaimed in a low voice, “Auntie Yue is awake!”

Yue Tingfeng was alarmed and quickly looked up. He saw Mrs. Yue tossed around in bed and did not move anymore afterward.

He glowered at her menacingly. He then picked her up and tiptoed out of the door carefully, not to wake Mrs. Yue up.

Yan Qingsi asked in a low voice, “Ahem, what are you doing?”

“Going to have a romantic night…” quipped Yue Tingfeng coquettishly.

The lights in the nightclub were flickering. The men and women dressed vibrantly were dancing erratically all around like a group of frenzy demons. Loud music that could break the eardrums were blasting in the background. Ye Shaoguang sat at a corner. No one was beside him, as if the place surrounding him had turned into a forbidden area.

No one stepped into the area within a few steps from him. Whoever that was approaching was whisked away before they could even come up close.

Ye Shaoguang’s fingers were gliding around the rim of the wine glass in his hand. His joints on his slender fingers were clearly visible. They were so pretty that it almost looked unreal.

Ye Shaogang did not drink at all. His eyes were red like fire whereas his snow-white skin was glowing. He looked like a demon that roamed the streets at night under the strobing nightclub lighting. With a thrilling temptation, he attracted the attention of both men and women.

Many people noticed him but none of them dared to come close due to his intimidating aura.

Ye Shaoguang narrowed his eyes and locked his gaze on a young lady that was competing with another person in a drinking game, guzzling down glasses after glasses of alcohol.

[1] 吃素 – Being vegetarian. It implies that someone is deprived of sexual activities.

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