Chapter 615 - Put Her Down and I’ll Let the Both of You Live

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Chapter 615: Put Her Down and I’ll Let the Both of You Live

After dinner, Lil’ Xu dragged Ji Mianmian to a nightclub. It was the first time that she had been to such a place, so everything felt novel to her when she arrived.

Both of them were incredibly elated that Yan Qingsi was able to swiftly break free from the turbulent siege of slander. Lil’ Xu specifically brought Ji Mianmian there to celebrate over a glass of alcohol.

Lil’ Xu had some selfish motives too—he wanted to make use of his Dutch courage and confess to Ji Mianmian.

Little did he expect that he had terrible alcohol tolerance. He was already tipsy even though he did not drink much. Swaying about as he headed for the restroom, he bumped into a woman, tipping over the glass of drink she was holding and spilling it all over her body.

She grabbed hold of Lil’ Xu and insisted that he pays for the dress, saying that it cost twenty thousand yuan. Lil’ Xu had no money on him, so she forced him to drink. If he did not drink, he would not be let off the hook.

As a person who upheld the principle of helping those in need, Ji Mianmian was a young girl that was brimming with righteousness.

She saved Lil’ Xu many times during their time in university, so naturally, she would not just leave him to be.

Ji Mianmian wanted to take on the entire table of drinks by herself.

A wicked grin crept up over Ye Shaoguang’s face as he watched Ji Mianmian drank glass after glass of alcohol.

The corner of his lips curled into a grim smile. “I’m curious to see whether you’ll drink yourself to death today!”

She drank so much that she got tipsy and her stomach was churning. However, when she remembered that Lil’ Xu was still lying on the ground beside her, she pulled all the stops and drank away.

‘Go on then, keep drinking.’

With so many people around, it would be difficult for her to mount any attack if she wanted to since she had to lug Lil’ Xu around as though he was a dead pig.

Once Ji Mianmian finally collapsed, two men brought her away and left. It was only then that Ye Shaoguang got up slowly.

Between the two men, one looked incredibly wretched and had tattoos on his arms, while the other was plump and strong, with a pointy mouth and monkey-like cheeks. Neither looked like good people.

The two men hauled Ji Mianmian out from the nightclub’s back entrance. “Well, this little girl looks young. Baby-face and big boobs are all the rage now. We could get a good price for her…”

“Nonsense. I had my eyes on her from the moment she came in. I wouldn’t have spent so much thought to plan things out with the lad that’s with her. Hurry up, we have to bring her away quickly.”

The nightclub’s back door led straight to an alley that had a dead end and was deafeningly silent.

The alley was dark, and before the two of them even stepped out of it, two blinding lights shone from up ahead.

Both men shivered instantly—people who were up to no good were always the guiltiest.

They shouted, “Who’s there…”

A voice drifted out from within the car. “Put the girl down, and I’ll let you both leave in one piece.”

The voice was fleeting and cold, like a winter breeze on that warm summer night, piercing deep into their bones.

The two men trembled, with the fatter of the two using his eyes to hint something to the skinny guy. They released Ji Mianmian and took out a flick knife before walking to the car.

“Fellas, do you know who I am? The both of you better f*ck off, or else…”

Before he even finished talking, he began accelerating the car all of a sudden.

Ye Shaoguang sat in the driver’s seat, with his eyes looking cold and bloodshot. A ruthless smile formed at the corner of his lips, like an evildoer who did not shy away from committing a crime.

Just like that, he drove over and rammed into them. His speed was neither too fast nor too slow. Hence, it was unable to kill them, but… the damage it caused far exceeded that of broken legs and arms.

Ye Shaoguang said calmly, “Told you to let the girl go. You didn’t listen, so don’t blame me…”

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